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Chapel St 2011

Council has done a lot of good work on the Chapel Street lanes in 2011, with the addition of head start boxes and highlighting conflict areas with green paint.

However the main problem remains: That is the bluestone cobblestones that occupy half the north bound lane between Toorak Rd and Alexandra Ave. They can't be safely ridden on. Additionally motorists turning to the left (west) intrude on the lane. Consequently many riders take to the footpath in this area.

The bluestones need to be removed so the lane can actually be used and vibraline installed to help guard the lane boundary. The Chapel St lanes can only be used when the clearway is enforce. A 24 Hr solution is required - the Sandringham Trail needs to be built.

This section between Toorak Rd and Alexandra Ave is controlled by VicRoads - regardless Stonnington Council needs to advocate for improvements along this stretch of Chapel St.

The much vaunted bicycle lanes on Chapel St

Chapel St is one of, if not the most dangerous street, to cycle on in Victoria. Refer to the Stonnington Leader - July 2008. It was a struggle to have bicycle lanes along Chapel St, be agreed to by Council. Four years later (2008) they are fading into oblivion. They need to be repainted as soon as possible with decent steadfast paint. More than likely a VicRoads responsibility but Stonnington Council should advocate for it. Gutter trays with more than one row of bluestone pitchers should be reduced to one - improve cycling safety - maintain heritage - refer Vic Roads Motorcycle Notes No 4 - Road Markings and Slippery Surfaces. Safe alternative routes to Chapel St need to be implemented - read about the Sandringham Trail and the Destructor Trail.

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