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Boroondara Council have been generally very supportive of efforts to get more people riding and are certainly looking for ways forward in this area. It's easy to forget that cycling is currently a small part of the Council-world and what can help them achieve our common goals is focusing on the key issues.

We are looking forward to the Bicycle Strategy getting finalised and the Capitol Works list proceeding. This will take funds and whilst Boroondara have, in recent times, incrementally been increasing the budget we feel there is still comfortable room to move. Refer Bicycle Victoria's [[1]] Council Funding index to see how Boroondara compares.

The recent 2006 Census reflected a big jump in residents riding to work and VicRoads Loop counters also show strong growth in recreational riding. This data shows that the network within Boroondara definetely needs to take the next step.

We welcome the Council's transport team's efforts and the support of the majority of councillors for cycling issues. We would appreciate a more inclusive approach to the many masterplans that are relevant, not only to the immediate residents of an area but the large number of residents who may travel regularly through a location. Grace Park, Victoria Park, Camberwell Station, etc all have impacts on cyclists and are used as transport and recreational corridors

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