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January 2019

Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail 2018 BH to Anniversary Trail.jpg
  • The Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Level Crossing Removal Project was announced in December 2018. This project provides an excellent opportunity to build the section of the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail connecting Box Hill with the Anniversary Trail in Camberwell, following the route of the railway line utilising where possible available land in the rail corridor.

Further information about this opportunity and a petition you can download and sign is available here Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removals - Victorian Cycling Network


July 2018

February 2018

  • The North East Link Authority has announced a series of community workshops in February and March. The first is focussed on walking and cycling. Registration is essential. See this page for more information.


August 2017

  • The Boroondara council has an online survey on Traffic Management Policy. The current Traffic Management Policy was adopted by Council in 2006. It was a single document that guided response to and investigation of traffic concerns. After 11 years, it is time for a review and refresh.

February 2017

  • The Boroondara council has a 10 year plan survey. There is a short statement required as part of the survey and we need as many people as possible to complete the survey and mention cycling, and infrastructure projects such as the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail and the NEBC. When you complete the survey you have the opportunity to attend one of their forums to have a more detailed say. If you can’t attend you have the opportunity to participate online or to attend one of the drop in sessions which are also listed on the link.
    • The survey comprises of one written statement, and a few multiple choice questions. It should take under 5 minutes.


September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

  • BBUG is refreshing all the information on the web site, as well as engaging in Twitter. Look for more changes over the next few weeks.
    • Seeing how newsletters have not been published for a while, these have been moved to the Newsletter Archive.


While there was much in the way of bike riding and cycling in 2015, not much of it was captured.


Thursday 19 August 2014

You can sign our North East Bicycle Corridor (NEBC) petition HERE at

2 June 2014

BBUG makes a submission re: the draft Stonnington Council Bicycle Strategy.

Thursday 3 April 2014

BBUG presents the NEBC to the East West Link (Eastern Section) Project Assessment Committee: 10:30 to 11:00am


Friday 6 December 2013

Opening of the Darebin Creek Shared Trail and Boardwalk by the Hon. Matthew Guy, MLC, Minister for Planning, and Cr Craig Langdon, Mayor, Banyule City Council.

9am for a 9.15am start,Sparks Reserve, enter corner Heidelberg Road and The Boulevard, Ivanhoe

Tuesday - 12 March 2013 - Stonnington Council - Cycling Reference Group

Stonnington Council is looking for people to join their proposed Bicycle Advisory Committee: Express your interest


Thursday - 21 June 2012 - Zero-bike budget rally

The current State Government has allocated zero dollars to the 2012-2013 bike budget, even though a recent count of vehicles in the morning peak by Melbourne City Council, showed that ten percent of those vechicles were bikes. Zero-bike budget rally Victorian Parliament steps, 7.30-8.30am, Thursday 21 June. Look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday - 24 March 2012 - Solway Bridge official OPENING

Boroondara Council is 'happy to advise that the Official Opening of the Solway Street Bridge will be held on Saturday 24 March from 11.30am to 1.00pm on site near the Boroondara end of the Solway Street Bridge. This opening will be a community event with lots of cyclists and residents. Official duties will be followed by a BBQ, smoothies from the Smoothie Peddlar, possible coffee cart and possible cycling giveaways.'

Solway Bridge

The new bridge is now open for use, but may be closed briefly for a few last finishing touches. The official opening is expected to take place in the second half of March.


Wednesday 12 October 2011 at 6.30am to 9.00am

Ride 2 Work day will be held at the Hawthorn Velodrome this year. For details check the Council's page.

Tuesday 9 August 2011 at 2.30pm

The official opening of Stages 2 and 3 of the Gardiners Creek Trail connection project (Markham Reserve, Warrigal Rd underpass, bridge and paths) will be held on site in Markham Victory Reserve in the vicinity of Warrigal Road.

Saturday - 5 February 2011 - Solway St Bridge Down

Early Saturday morning 5 Feb 2011 the Solway St bridge, at the south end of the Anniversary Trail at the Malvern Valley Public Golf course, was washed away. It is now impassable.


Sunday - 24 November 2010 - Stonnington Council Workshop

The City of Stonnington’s Active Living Program is offering a Free Bicycle Workshop. The workshop will be facilitated by Bicycle Victoria and encourage local residents to pull their bikes out of their storage areas and place them back on the road and bike paths. The workshop will also assist participants to improve their riding skills and increase their road confidence and will include a 45 minute bike ride.

The workshop will be held at Basil Reserve, Basil St, East Malvern, on Sunday 21 November 2010 between 1.00 - 4.00pm.

Sunday - 24 October 2010 - Rotary River Ride

Starts at Hays Paddock. For details see their website.

Sunday - 24 October 2010 - David Bland - Ride for Life

Starts at the Hawthorn Velodrome. For details see their website.

Wednesday - 13 October 2010 - Ride2Work

Boroondara Council is taking part in Ride2Work and there'll be a free breakfast on the lawn of the Camberwell Civic Centre, 340 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell. Come and meet the Council and Boroondara BUG members. Not riding to work - doesn't matter - all cyclists are welcome.

Download Council's token and get a mini breakfast at one of three sites in Stonnington.

29 Sept 2010

The Walmer St footbridge is due to reopen on the 1st of October, 2010. More details

15 June 2010

The Walmer St footbridge across the Yarra on the Yarra Trail will be closed until mid September, 2010. More details

7 June 2010

BBUG submitted its petition to Stonnington Council requesting an Urban Bush Path be built beside Warrial Rd from the Gardiners Creek Rd Bridge in the north to The Boulevard in the south. Five hundred and fifteen people signed the petition.

22 April 2010

Two page map of Gardiners Creek Trail detour. Expected period of closure - 3 May until 30 June.

26 March 2010

Expect a diversion on the Gardiners Creek Trail between Toorak Rd and the velodrome starting about mid April 2010. This will be in place while the Gardiners Creek Trail is upgraded between these two points - duration about a month. The trail just gets better and better in Boroondara.

24 March 2010

The Yarra Riverkeeper Association are holding a bike ride along Gardiners Creek on Sunday the 11th of April. Further details here

5 March 2010

The Newsletter has been held up due to problems with the editor's editorial equipment.

2 March 2010

Super Tuesday went well - thanks to all the counters that directed their $50 donation to BBUG.

January to March, 2010 - Gardiners Creek Trail detour

A detour is to be put in place at Brixton Rise on the Gardiners Creek Trail, bypassing the High St underpass, to allow repairs to the creek bank by Melbourne Water. A recently built car wash has its newly washed cars exiting via Brixton Rise to High St, so watch out for these vehicles.


4 November to 8 December 2009

Bicycle Victoria and Stonnington City Council invite all cyclists who ride in and through the City of Stonnington to complete a BikeScope Survey. BBUG highly recommends you take advantage of this rare opportunity to comment on all areas of Stonnington: ---> go do the survey

Sunday - 25 October 09 - Rotary River Ride

For details see their website.

Wednesday - 14 October 09 - Ride2Work

Boroondara Council is taking part in Ride2Work and there'll be a free breakfast on the lawn of the Camberwell Civic Centre, 340 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell. Come and meet the Council and Boroondara BUG members. Not riding to work - doesn't matter - all cyclists are welcome.

Download Council's token and get a mini breakfast at one of three sites in Stonnington.

Sunday 6 September 09, Boroondara Discovery Ride No 3 - Camberwell, Kew, Willsmere Wander

Join members of Boroondara BUG and Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club exploring alternative routes along back roads and drainage reserves, through the suburbs of Willsmere, Kew and East Kew. Total distance ~20km but lots of stops and talk along the way. Meet 9.30am at a bakery in Maling Rd, Canterbury for a complimentary coffee before we start. BYO lunch.

Contact: Phil Crohn 9836 3329

20 August 09, EMS bridge opening

The East Malvern footbridge will re-open on Thursday 20th August at 10.45am - time has been changed to 9.30 am. Minister Tim Pallas will do the honours. Come along to the opening and show that you welcome and support improvements to Melbourne's cycling infrastructure.

5 August 09, VCAT Decision

  • VCAT hands down decision in favour of Darebin Creek - Main Yarra Trail link.

23 July 09, Gardiners Creek Trail

  • The Gardiners Creek Trail will reopen between Great Valley Rd and Tooronga Rd on the 31st July 2009 at 1pm.
  • Stonnington Council has installed a new set of bollards at Brixton Rise. We will work on having them removed for the 800 hundred cyclists a day that use the path. Send them an email - while you are at it, let them know if you support our path proposal - details here - at the Malvern Valley Public Golf Course.

Email Stonnington Council now -->

27 Jun 09, Gardiners Creek detour(s) and East Malvern Station footbridge

  • Stonnington Council still refuses to allow for a new path - see details here - from the East Malvern Station footbridge to Argyll St along the M1 - if this is important to you then write to the East Ward Councillors before it's too late.
  • Gardiners Creek trail between Great Valley Rd & Tooronga Rd - estimated reopening late July, early August
  • East Malvern Station bridge - estimated opening late August, early September
  • Expect a new detour from Toorak Rd to the Velodrome! The Gardiners Creek Trail in Boroondara has been greatly improved in recent times - let Boroondara Council know that you appreciate their efforts.

Mar 09, path upgrades

  • M1 underpass at Allenby Ave has reopened.
  • Path improvements along the Gardiners Creek Trail in both Stonnington and Boroondara.

17 Jan 09, East Malvern Station bridge removed

The bridge has been removed. For cyclists taking the Scotchmans Creek to Gardiners Creek Trail diversion please note - when heading to the city:

  • there is a green arrow when turning right from Sylvester Cres into Malvern Rd. The operation of the arrow is linked into the general pattern of the intersection lights and does not need to be initiated by the cyclist.
  • a hook turn can be made from Malvern Rd to Winton Rd as follows: - at the SE corner of the intersection use the pedestrian light button as directed by the signs. This will activate a bicycle only lantern that allows cyclists to cross diagonally - all car traffic is halted while you cross.

We warn users to be careful at Winton Rd, particularly at the squeeze point, where the road crosses Gardiners Creek. Winton Rd is a bus route. Note there is no need to cross the footbridge and then to double back over the road bridge - there is a shortcut available in the NW corner of the road bridge.

The M1 underpass at Allenby Ave: should reopen in late February/March.


1 Dec 08, East Malvern Station bridge closure

The East Malvern Station footbridge will be closed from about the 12th of January 2009 to June 2009. The bridge is to be replaced as part of the M1 widening. Users of the many on and off road routes that are linked by the footbridge, will need to make other arrangements.

28 Nov 08, Council Elections

The election will be conducted by means of a postal ballot closing at 6pm on Friday 28 November. Nominations have now closed. The BUG has posed three questions to all candidates relating to their degree of support for cycling. Watch this space for their answers.

14 Sept 08

2nd draft Bicycle Strategy is now available. A public meeting will be held by Council to hear any further feedback - 7 pm 18th Sept at Council's HQ.

26 Oct 08, Important Diary Date: Rotary River Ride!

The Rotary River Ride is a fun ride for charity and will be held on Sunday 26 October 2008. 15, 30 and 50 km rides up and down the Yarra Trail starting at Hays Paddock.

15 Oct 08, Important Diary Date: National Ride to Work Day!

On Wednesday 15 October 2008, Boroondara Council will be running a Ride2Work day community breakfast outside Council's HQ, at the Civic Centre lawns, 340 Camberwell Rd, just 400 m south east of Camberwell Junction, starting at 7am. All cyclists are welcome, so start out earlier and detour to the free breakfast.

Hot Breakfast, Giveaways, Coffee, Massages, Orange juice & fruit, Smoothies, Bike engraving:

Council officers will be staffing the barbecue, so here's your chance to talk with them re: cycling in Boroondara.

12th October 08

Boroondara Discovery Ride No 2 - The East-West Link

Come along and look at options for bike routes from Box Hill Station to the Yarra through the middle of Boroondara, and let the BUG shout you a coffee in Glenferrie along the way.

Meet 9.30am in the Box Hill Mall in front of the Bendigo Bank, near the station entrance.

15 Jul 08

Gardiners Creek Trail Detour: The year long diversion is now in place. Currently it is far from satisfactory. Stonnington Leader - 16 Sept 2008

Heading towards the CBD:

  • leave the Gardiners Creek Trail at Great Valley Road and head SW on Great Valley Rd
  • head NW along Willis St at the second roundabout
  • cross Burke Rd at the pedestrian crossing near Gardiner station - alternatively just cross at the Burke Rd/Willis St intersection with the lights
  • head west along Carroll Crescent till you reach Weir St immediately before Tooronga Rd
  • and then:

We warn users to be careful at Weir St, just parallel to and east of Tooronga Rd. Weir St leads directly to the entrance of Stonnington's new garbage depot. Large garbage trucks use Weir St, Carroll Cres and Tooronga Rd. The Tate hardware store is also located at Weir St, attracting a lot of small vans, flat bed trucks and the like. Great caution is required here.

The current signage directs cyclists to the pedestrian crossing on Tooronga Rd, which is far from satisfactory. When heading to the CBD, it may make more sense to leave Carroll Cres at Weir St and ride on the foot path, on the north side of Carroll Cres. Continue along the east side of Tooronga Rd across the bridge. Then down and under Tooronga on the north side.

Note also: the East Malvern Station footbridge is to be altered due to the widening work on the M1. The proposed new bridge will be a switchback arrangement with two 90 degree bends plus a hairpin bend. As proposed, we think it will be unsatisfactory. Update - the plans were revised resulting in a significant improvement to the bridge design.

Note also: opportunities to improve the Gardiners Creek trail, as a result of the M1 widening, on the south side in Stonnington are being ignored.

16th Jun 08

Council vote in favour of Darebin Creek - Yarra Trail link, five to four.

14 Jun 08

The Age article about Darebin Bridge story here. Interesting to note at the council meeting on June 2 that the opponents who spoke and Tony Michael quoted in the article above now seem to be dancing between what the reason for their opposition is. First it was dogs, then it was the billabong and now wanting to keep the park as a 'locals-only' asset. It would be disappointing if the council vote according to this confusing cloud of emotion rather than the facts as presented. There are no viable alternatives as the report has proven so lets start dealing in facts, not confusion

2 Jun 08, Important Diary Date!

On Monday 2nd June, at 7.30pm, the Urban Planning Special Committee of Boroondara Council will be meeting to hear public submissions regarding the Planning Permit for the long awaited bridge to link the Darebin Creek Path to the Yarra Trail. They will vote on the issue at the following meeting on Monday 16 June.

It is important for Boroondara residents who support the link to attend the 2nd June meeting and to make submissions. We anticipate that many opponents of the link will be present and making their presence felt, so we need to demonstrate the amount of support that exists as well. For details on how to go about making a submission and other matters related to council meeting procedures see: Meeting Procedures You may like to identify yourself as a cyclist, eg by having a bike helmet under your arm or some such.

The agenda for this meeting can now be found at Agenda Part 1 of the agenda contains the report from Council officers recommending that Council grant the relevant permit and is worth a look prior to the meeting.

Another useful thing Boroondara residents can do if you haven’t already done so is to contact your local ward councillor and let him/her know that you support the link and why. If speaking with councillors, please remind them that Yarra and Banyule Councils are comfortable with the ParksVic application and are letting planning staff sign it off. This effectively rules out the 'Let's find an alternative route' position.

18 May 08

Gardiners Creek Trail Detour: The widening of the M1 will result in numerous rearrangements to the Gardiners Creek Trail at different points till May 2009. The first suggested alternative at Great Valley Rd to Burke Rd: Heading to the CBD:

Go off the path at Great Valley Rd to the right. Immediately left into Haynes Cres. At the end, turn right into Park Rd. Turn left into Howard Dawson Reserve adjacent to Violet St. Head along the path on the south side of the reserve and join back on to the Gardiners Creek path just east of Burke Rd.

7 May 08

Gardiners Creek Trail Detour: Seen today, two illuminated signs set up on the Gardiners Creek trail. One just east of Burke Rd, ie just where the trail does the little S bend and the signs are all hidden in the bushes. And another just west of Great Valley Rd. Signs say: "Bike path temp detour, Mon 2nd June to May 2009". Yes that's right 2009!

6 Apr 08

Lights! it's time for many of us to put the lights back on the bike or simply get some fresh batteries. Here are some tips on how to make yourself more visible on the road. Read more>>. And a message from Vic. Police.

25 Mar 08

Kew Junction Draft Strategy is out for public comment. Despite being a major destination and a popular commuter route there is little mention of Bicycles. Kew Junction Draft Strategy

4 Mar 08

Advertising commenced of Parks Victoria Planning Permit Applications for the last stages of the Darebin Creek - Yarra link. Send your submission to City of Boroondara by 18/3. See the BBUG submission in support of the applications here

1 Mar 08

Turn off your lights for one hour at 8pm March 29, 2008 - for Earth Hour

28 Feb 08

Parks Victoria Darebin Creek Trail Plans are available for viewing. For further details have a look at BBUG's Darebin Creek - Yarra Trail campaign.

7 Jan 08

Bin the bike ban wants your support. Ban blameshifting not bikes!

4 Jan 08

"The (Gardiners Creek sic) trail will be closed between Tooronga Road and Burke Road between 7 January 2008 to 20 January 2008 to allow Melbourne Water to undertake urgent remedial works. Trail users are advised to seek alternatives routes. For more information, please call 9278 4444." Temporary replacement route discussion. and BV's map.


24 Dec 07

"... I wish to advise that with the recent heavy storms and rains, a section of the Gardiners Creek bank approximately 200m east of Tooronga Road (old Brickworks site / Coles Group Building) has collapsed and damaged part of the Gardiners Creek Trail. Part of the path has been barricaded, however access through the area is still possible. ... Jim Hondrakis ... City of Boroondara ..."

Dec 07

Nov 07

The Sustainable Living Festival wants you to ride to the festival in Feb 2008.

Sept 07

vote4cycling wants your vote.

June 07

  • Cotham Ward by-election Boroondara BUG will once again be polling the candidates to see how bike-friendly they are. With a vote possible in the near future on the Darebin Link issue, BoroondaraBUG would love to see a 'link-friendly' new councillor. Read more>>
  • Yarra Bend Trust have permanently removed a section of the Yarra Trail path near the Chandler Bridge. Read more >>
  • Solway St Bridge open again. Finally! After 14 months trying to build a new bridge Stonnington CC settled on a repair to the existing bridge. One that is still too steep and does not meet Austroads standards, particularly in regard to width.

May 07

Stonnington still seems unable to build bridges - Solway St Bridge still not open after 14 months.

Mar 07

Cr Philip Healey (Mayor at that time) has written to us but we seek further clarification from him and council. Read more on our Darebin Link page. Read more>>

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