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Our Successes

BBUG members preparing for the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting at council's HQ

Our main success has been to form Boroondara BUG in the first place. It can be quite difficult to bring together a group of disparate people, whose only common interest is cycling and focus their efforts. However all follows from that point. We encourage others to do likewise. A Stonnington BUG would be a good place to start!

More notable achievements have been:

  • encouraging non cyclists to take up cycling
  • disseminating information via the website, Newsletter and Rides Supplement
  • ongoing consultation with Boroondara Council and the creation of a Boroondara Bicycle Advisory Committee which meets quarterly to review progress and plan new projects, and which provides an opportunity for Council staff from various departments to hear the cyclists' point of view
  • marking of many new bike lanes in Boroondara, on both PBN routes and local roads
  • participating in audits of all Boroondara's off-road paths which have led to many improvements. These include:
    • the establishment of a standard 3m wide asphalt path with concrete edgings for shared paths which has been followed in recent path maintenance work
    • removal of many unnecessary bollards and modifications to chicanes
    • redesign of the intersection of Myrtle and Warburton Rds to improve continuity and safety of the Anniversary Trail
    • construction of the ramp from the Yarra Trail up to Chandler Highway by the Guide Dogs Association
    • providing input to Council strategies such as the Integrated Transport Strategy, the Road Safety Strategy and the Bicycle Strategy
    • providing input into the redesign of intersections such as those of Camberwell and Burwood Rds and of Church St and Burwood Rd to make these as bike friendly as possible
  • preparing a submission and speaking at the VTAC hearing concerning the Tooronga Village re-development in order to push for the best outcome with regard to the Gardiners Creek path and the bike lanes on Tooronga and Toorak Rds
  • meeting with the re-developers of the former gasworks site in order to get the best outcome with regard to the adjacent Gardiners Creek Trail
  • Hawthorn velodrome markings
  • ongoing campaign in support of the Darebin Trail - Yarra Trail link at Willsmere-Chandler Park
  • ongoing campaign to remove the Gardiners Creek Trail gap between Solway Bridge and Warrigal Rd
  • ongoing liaising with and support for our fellow BUGs
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