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The Stonnington Pages

Stonnington Bicycle Users' Group (SBUG): Cycling in the Stonnington area started with those who created Malvern Star Bicycles originally in a small shop at 58 Glenferrie Road in Malvern - something not to be forgotten. Since that time, a long list of good people, have contributed to cycling in Stonnington. Currently Stonnington badly needs a Bicycle Users Group (BUG) to help guide Council. Due to all the usual problems in putting together a volunteer organisation, as of 2008, there is not a BUG in Stonnington. However, Boroondara BUG has an strong interest in Stonnington.

This section of the Wiki is to facilitate cyclists who want to have a voice on Stonnington matters, BUG or no BUG. Boroondara BUG has a strong interest in the Stonnington sections of the Gardiners Creek Trail; the paths at the Malvern Valley Public Golf course and the widening of the M1 highway. It should be noted that some Boroondara BUG members are residents and/or ratepayers in Stonnington. Additionally the trail network and the PBN encompasses all of Melbourne. They are not located on a sea of council islands.

So if you have a problem in the Stonnington Council area or want to add to something to this website then let us know and we will see what can be done: Email SBUG now -->


What do the candidates have to say: Election 2008 Stonnington

Contact the council

City of Stonnington
Corner of Glenferrie Rd & High St,
Malvern VIC 3144
8290 1333

Any concerns? Email the council now -->

40,000 cyclists have a day out

Herald Sun

The Age

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