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The following is a list of useful links frequently used by this site.


External Links

  • Bicycle Network Victoria with 40,000+ members is the body that represents Victorian cyclists and organises events such as:
    • Around the Bay in a Day
    • Ride to Work Day
    • Bike Path Discovery Day
    • The Great Victorian Bike Ride
    Its web site provides useful information for cyclists covering events, campaigns, cycling Q&A, glossary, list of BUGs and clubs and much more.
  • Wikipedia: Cycling in Melbourne and Victoria has extensive information on Melbourne's trails including maps.
  • VicRoads also provides a series of pdf maps showing the Principal Bicycle Network of on-road bike lanes for Melbourne and regional cities and towns. The PBN can also be viewed in Google Earth by downloading the PBN KMZ.
  • A note on drinking and cycling.
  • VicRoads Road rules for Bicycles
    • Bicycle Network's page with handy links to related pages for all your laws and queries.
  • Penalties for cyclists - VicRoads page for up-to-date fines
  • The Cycling Promotion Fund is a Bicycle Industries Australia Ltd initiative established in 1999 to help the bicycle industry take collective action to increase bicycle use. The fundamental aim of the fund is to promote cycling in Australia by building strategic partnerships and funding and supporting campaigns which promote bicycle use.
  • Railtrails Australia is a national organisation that promotes the preservation of old rail corridors for alternative public uses such as cycling, horse riding and bush walking. Their web site provides the latest information about the stage of development of the various rail trails in Victoria and other states.
  • City of Boroondara also has a page for cycling
  • Mr Sheldon Brown (dec.) - cycling legend and walking database
  • Australian Bicycle Council and ABC at Austroads
  • Good info in the City Rider Guide from Urban Bicyclist
  • The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling - from the UK, but most concepts apply here

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