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North East Bicycle Corridor

A proposal by the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group - the NEBC.

140401 EWL BBUGS VisualConceptImg Draft view towards Alex Pde West.jpg
The NEBC approaches Alexandra Pde

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The Need

  • Bicycles are used more and more for transport in Melbourne.
  • Counts show that the greatest increases in riding are in inner Melbourne, and in suburbs to the North, Southeast and Northwest.
  • Increases in riding to the Northeast are below trend, and considering the number of residents there is large latent demand.
  • The deep valleys of the Yarra River and Merri Creek cut right across every route to the Northeast of Melbourne. In the past road and rail bridges were built across these valleys, and now with increasing riding there is a need to build additional bicycle crossings to the Northeast.
  • Presently significant natural barriers and low quality infrastructure with steep gradients prevent the development of riding in this corridor.
  • The Yarra Trail, Anniversary Trail and Darebin Creek Trail are already exist in the North East but do not cross the Yarra.
  • This route will provide the missing link between the Chandler Highway and Alexandra Parade.

The Solution

A direct arterial path built from Chandler Highway where the Darebin, Yarra, and Anniversary Trails converge to Alexandra Parade.

Reasons to build the North East Bicycle Corridor

  • Transport - provides the people of Melbourne with a route that allows them to ride in this corridor, as an alternative to existing on-road routes that have heavy traffic.
  • Safety - separated paths reduce the risk of collisions with motor vehicles which encourages less assertive people to ride. Current route circuitous, steep and not well lit.
  • Journey Savings – 1 km shorter and a much flatter gradient.
  • Travel Time Savings – the direct connection could provide up to 10 minutes less cycling time.
  • Encourage mode shift from cars to bicycles – due to people switching from driving to riding
  • Health - Increased physical activity translates to reduced health costs.
  • Family friendly – a separated shared path will be suitable for people aged 8 to 80 and encourage families, including children, to cycle.
  • Key destinations – Greater CBD, inner northern suburbs, Melbourne Tertiary Campuses and the Hospital Precincts, Yarra Bend Park and NMIT.
  • Key connections – this arterial route provides linkages to the Yarra River Trail, Koonung Creek Trail, Anniversary Trail and Darebin Creek Trail.


  • Type: separated shared use path
  • Scope: direct connection between Chandler Highway and Alexandra Parade
  • Rider Numbers: increasing to 4000 riders per day, similar to Gardiners Creek Trail
  • Width: 4m on structures, 3m minimum (at constraints)
  • Profile: minimal climbing
  • Gradient: 5% maximum
  • Location: situated on northern side of Eastern Freeway
  • Parkland: impact on parkland will be minimised by using existing trails and shared paths
  • Cost Estimate: $30m including structures


  • red - NE Bicycle Corridor
  • cyan - Alexandra Pde median
  • green - existing off road trails
  • blue - existing on road routes

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Appendix 1 - Route Description

East of Chandler Hwy, Kew (Melway 45C2)

  • Connect to Yarra Trail and climb freeway embankment and pass through an unused underpass of the Chandler Highway, then through a new underpass of the freeway eastbound off-ramp leading to Chandler Hwy.

Chandler Hwy to Yarra River

  • Path is on the north side of freeway separated from traffic by a barrier.

Yarra River Freeway Bridge

  • The path can be routed via the eastbound emergency lane on the freeway bridge*.
  • Alternatively, a new path bridge could be built on the north side of the freeway bridge.

Yarra River to Yarra Bend Road

  • The path will follow existing maintenance tracks and shared trails on the north side of the freeway and cross Yarra Bend Road at grade.
  • Yarra Bend Road to Merri Creek Bridge.
  • The path will continue at freeway level to Merri Creek rather than descending to the Merri Creek.

Merri Creek Bridge

  • A path bridge will cross both Merri Creek and Trenerry Crescent and discharge to Alexandra Parade East.

Merri Creek to Clifton Hill Railway Underpass

  • The path under the railway will be raised to 2.2m headroom to reduce the next climb.

Clifton Hill Railway via Hoddle Street Interchange to Alexandra Avenue Median

  • The route will rise over Hoddle Street via a switchback then descend to the Alexandra Avenue median bicycle path.


  • Images show visual concept only, design engineering has not been done. Source: Urban Circus
  • The original 2011 census image can be seen at Chris Loader's blog. Here is a direct link to the image. The original image has been overlaid with existing and proposed cycling infrastructure by BBUG.

Linking the Community

The NEBC will allow people to relate to their community via the local streets and off road shared paths as permeability of the area will be vastly improved. Here's a map of some destinations along the link: - community destinations.

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Project background

See the Dights Falls Trail

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