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Stonnington Cyclist Crash Data

This page is is permanently under construction.

Note our disclaimer. If you have any ideas, on how cycling safety in Stonnington can be improved, then please let us know -->

Current situation

Refer VicRoads CrashStats:

  • Chapel St is one of, if not the most dangerous street, to cycle on in Victoria. Refer to the Stonnington Leader - July 2008.
  • The intersection of Cromwell Rd and Toorak Rd is a cyclist black spot. Further crashes have occurred to the west and east of Cromwell Rd. It may well be that cyclists travelling in a north south direction on Cromwell Rd (or parallel streets) are involved in crashes when crossing Toorak Rd. We request that the Council look at the crash reports in detail and see if safety improvements can be made at this intersection.

The proposed Sandringham Trail and Destructor Trail may go along way to alleviate the number of crashes that occur on Chapel St.

Do you regularly travel through Stonnington? Have a look at your route. How safe is it? If you can explain why certain locations are unusually hazardous, we would like to hear about it. Let us know -->

Who looks after the roads?

If you have a problem with a VicRoads road (debris, potholes, etc.) report it to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre: telephone 131 170, available 24 Hrs a day. If it's a council road call the local council. Which is which ? - VicRoads roads are marked using black and red lines in the Melway.

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