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Gipps Street Stairs

The Gipps St stairs are an impediment to walkers, particularly the elderly, those with disabilities and cyclists. They prevent easy access to the Yarra River.

Where are they?

The stairs are located at the east end of Gipps St where it meets the Collins footbridge by the Yarra River. Even though the stairs are located in the City of Yarra, we like to maintain an interest, as any solution may effect the Boroondara side of the river. The trail network and the PBN encompasses all of Melbourne. They are not located on a sea of council islands. We support Yarra BUG's campaigns and those of Bicycle Victoria. The route in red is a roundabout alternative to the Yarra River route, that currently (2009) has to be used.

Yarra BUG has an article on the stairs.

Jul 11

The Clarke St Bridge (Gipps St Stairs bypass) gets another mention. The price is up and construction delayed. "Next financial year" means construction should start between July 2012 and June 2013 - we look forward to some action. Meanwhile what's happening to the Darebin Creek Trail Link?

Oct 08

$150,000, in funding for the design of Clarke St Bridge (Gipps St Stairs bypass), announced.

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IMG 5102 r1 267 200.jpg IMG 5101 r1 267 200.jpg
Bottom and top flights of the three flights of stairs.

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