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Many people who walk or cycle through West Hawthorn will be aware of the very useful underpass at the Wallen Rd Bridge. This underpass provides a means of crossing under Wallen Rd rather than trying to cross this very busy road or detouring the considerable distance to the nearest traffic lights. It provides a pleasant off-road link between Morang Reserve and Wallen Rd Reserve, which in turn connects to Fairview Park.

There's just one snag. At present, on the south side, access to the Leonda car park is via a garden bed with rock edges. This makes for a rough ride for those on wheels, whether on bikes or in prams, and is not ideal even for walkers.

The BUG has been making representations to Council about this problem for some years. Our suggested solution was a path through the garden bed to the Leonda car park. A minor adjustment to parking spaces would also be required.

The solution currently proposed by Council is to run a path up to Wallen Rd beside the small electricity substation. This will work well for those intending to head west towards the city. However those heading to Wallen Reserve and Fairview Park will be directed along the Wallen Rd footpath, past the Leonda entrance and on to the eastern side of the car park, then another path leading south to Wallen Reserve. Refer to the route in red on the map.

For more information please look at BBUG's pdf.

If the path were to traverse the car park entrance, we would like to see an appropriate path treatment used. See this example.


IMG 5092 r1 267 200.jpg IMG 5093 r1 267 200.jpg IMG 5094 r1 267 200.jpg
Left to right. North side entry, south side exit, south side Leonda carpark.

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