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*Cr Heinz Kreutz
*Cr Heinz Kreutz
*Cr Dick Menting
*Cr Dick Menting
==2005 Election==
In 2005 an email was sent to all Boroondara council hopefuls to find out their position on 2 key issues to cycling in Boroondara.
"We are interested in gauging the degree of commitment that candidates for election to the Boroondara City Council have to improving cycling facilities in Boroondara. We intend to make our findings known to our members through our own web site and mailing list. Bicycle Victoria will also pass on this information to all their members in Boroondara. Findings may also be provided to the media.
A Bicycle Victoria survey has shown that the two issues of most importance to cyclists in Boroondara are:
#Completion of the Principal Bicycle Network of on road bike lanes in Boroondara - [http://www.boroondarabug.org/pages/maps.htm See the existing and proposed]
#Linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park - [http://www.bv.com.au/Template.cfm?Section=Major_campaigns&Template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=2457 Bicycle Victoria's detailed outline]"
=Cotham ward by-election Jun 2006=
=Cotham ward by-election Jun 2006=
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* we have "walking buses" for school children, how about "Bike buses" for those same kids so they feel safe on Boroondara roads
* we have "walking buses" for school children, how about "Bike buses" for those same kids so they feel safe on Boroondara roads
* more Local Laws officers patrolling the shared footpaths to ensure commuter cyclists do not intimidate pedestrians and recreational cyclists"
* more Local Laws officers patrolling the shared footpaths to ensure commuter cyclists do not intimidate pedestrians and recreational cyclists"
=Candidates - 2004 election=
'''Greg Fonti - candidate'''
Thank you for your Survey -
#on the first Question: Fully support the Bike Lane Network from both the practical and safety aspect.
#On the second question in respect to the Bike Trail: The proposal to link the trails means the construction of a bridge that would impinge greatly on the Chandler park area, perhaps looking at alternatives to linking could be as an example; via the paper mills Chandler highway bridge by providing a bike section.
'''Gina Goldsmith - incumbent'''
#Response to question 1 " Best summed up on page 5 of November Boroondara Bulletin…says it all. AND I am happy to see Bicycle Vic’s Road Rules in part on this page but most unfortunately, no reference was made to footpath rules.  As you know this is of great concern to me and is just as important, in my view, as the road rules. You will remember I discussed this with you previously and hopefully now that I have brought this to your attention [yet again] you might consider passing it on to all your members and making a sincere effort to pass this on to your public."
#Linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Main Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park. "As you know Council has not supported a cycling bridge located at Willsmere Park. I would happily support a bridge at Chandler Park or a number of other locations which will have the same effect of linking Darebin and the Main Yarra Trail."
<span id="crBellevue"></span>'''Luke Tobin – candidate'''
#The Principal Bike Network. Residents have overwhelmingly expressed their concerns to me over bicycle lanes on main roads. These concerns have specifically been related to:
#*The infrequency of their use
#*Their safety
#*Their adverse impact on traffic flows
#*The lack of wide consultation in relation to their implementation I share these concerns and am therefore opposed to further rollouts of bicycle lanes on main roads. However, I stress that this does not mean I am opposed to the aims of the principal bike network or to cyclists using road networks. In fact, many cyclists have expressed to me that the last place they want to be is on main roads. That is why I am in favor of shifting the PBN in Boroondara to well-signed lanes through residential streets. This would, in my view, provide a much safer outcome for cyclists whilst reserving our main roads to handle traffic congestion.
#Linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Main Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park East alongside Kew Billabong. As you will notice in both my brochure and my candidate statement, I have made a big point of my intention to upgrade and maintain the off-road bike track network. Many cyclists have expressed their concerns to me over the poor standard of maintenance of the tracks. It would seem logical that the linkage to which you refer should be implemented.
'''Rachel Donald – candidate'''
'''Katherine Walsh – candidate'''
'''Paul Higham – candidate'''
All no response
'''Joburt Betadam– candidate'''
A keen cyclist who will be going on the GVBR with his wife and twin 2 year old sons, unless elected, in which case he'll have to miss out! As an architect he supports sustainable development. Fully supports the roll-out of the PBN which some of his staff use to ride to work. Also fully supports linking of Darebin Creek and Main Yarra Trails via Willsmere Park near Kew Billabong. Believes that cycling is a legitimate use of public open space, which must be shared for the common good.
'''Leon Zembekis – candidate'''
Thank you for the opportunity to express my views on Boroondara bicycle networks. As a person whose primary mode of transport is bicycle, and a once regular Critical Mass attendee, I would like to see more people on their bikes to increase ones level of fitness whilst reducing risks associated to motor vehicle congestion and oil wars.
#Completion of the Principal Bicycle Network of on road bike lanes in Boroondara. Answer: I welcome completion, and ongoing improvement, of the Principle Bicycle Network within Boroondara streets. The Federal Government's Bicycle 2000 plan has not delivered the goods.
#Linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Main Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park. Answer: Yes, link the two trails with bridges, without losing open green space by having a extra path running through the centre of Willsmere Park when existing dirt paths ought to be sealed to carry pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
'''Ray Walford – candidate'''
He rides a bike regularly. He strongly supports both projects.
'''Paul Melican – candidate'''
#Project 1 - He agrees with the bike riding routes on main roads as long as it is not dangerous. He terms the bike track on Balwyn Road needs to be deleted or made access only in non peak hour times because it is dangerous. This is due to cars turning right from Bulleen Road entering into the bike lane.
#Project 2 - He agrees with connecting the bike riding lanes. He mentions he would like the Anniversary Trail in Camberwell to link with the Yarra Trail as well.
'''Lachlan Williams - incumbent'''
We did not receive a reply from Lachlan Williams.
<span id="crGardiner"></span>'''Coral Ross''' - ????
We did not receive a reply from Coral Ross.
'''Tony Nathan – candidate'''
Has said that he and his wife are keen cyclists. They actively supported the Main Yarra Trail - Gardiners Creek link. Tony supports both the continuing roll-out of the PBN and the Darebin Creek - Main Yarra Trail link via Willsmere Chandler Park.
<span id="crGlenferrie"></span>'''Meredith Butler – incumbent'''
#I am very supportive of bike lanes on roads and constantly encourage extensions to what is simply proposed. I am very keen to see alternative transport utilised and bike riding is very important to our community for many different reasons, of which health is not the least of them. To have bike lanes via a recognised network will hopefully create a safer environment for users and thus encourage greater participation.
#See number one. All specified networks assist in creating opportunities for people to utilise their bikes more regularly and in safer environments. I am very supportive of more networks across Melbourne and in Boroondara, specifically the two networks mentioned. I personally believe that every road should be a safe environment for all users.
Best wishes. Meredith
'''Gonzalo Miranda – candidate'''
Not a keen bike rider himself but as a Greens candidate supports everything that will contribute to sustainable transport. Committed to continuing extension of on road bike lanes. Was not aware of controversy regarding the location of the Darebin Creek - Main Yarra Trail link but will support anything that promotes the use of the bicycle. Volunteered that the Greens would be keen to build a relationship with the BUG.
'''Kerry Abrahams - candidate'''
Spoke on the phone. Her responses were as follows:
#PBN - Kerry could not give her wholehearted support to this. She is unhappy with the location of some bike lanes, eg Balwyn Road. This is on the grounds of safety. She is concerned about bike lanes being put on busy roads and people riding up to three abreast.
#Darebin Creek - Yarra Crossing - Kerry wholeheartedly supports this connection
Kerry said that she is very interested in the issue of cycling facilities as she has children who ride bikes.
<span id="crJunction"></span>'''Jack Wegman - incumbent'''
Dear Julia
With respect to Point 1 - I recently voted at Council for the adoption of the PBN.
In general, I would support any measure to make bicycle riding safer, while maintaining the amenity for pedestrians.
Regards Jack
<span id="crLynden"></span>'''Heinz Kreutz – incumbent'''
I think my record speaks for itself: I am a member of BBUGS, our local bicycle users group and support the PBN. I have lobbied hard and managed to put successful motions at Council meetings to have the PBN implemented, despite some fairly vocal local opposition. Two weeks ago I met with our state MP Bob Stensholt, Council officer, Bicycle Victoria and local activists to discuss how we could further improve interconnectivity. I ride to work regularly - Highfield Park in Middle Camberwell to Monash Uni in Clayton.
Hope this helps Best, Heinz
'''Richard Anderson – candidate'''
is a very keen recreational cyclist riding with friends along the Yarra Path to the city for coffee two or three times per week and regularly riding with family from Hawthorn using the Yarra Trail taking in Fairfield Boathouse, the Boulevard and Dights Falls. Richard was not familiar with the Darebin Bridge link nor the Gardiners Creek connection at Holmesglen but is strongly in favor of such projects which create opportunities for cyclists and walkers. He is not a commuting cyclist as it is not convenient in time or by route. Richard supports the PBN although he personally is not comfortable with riding on busy roads such as Barkers Rd where the WKL markings disappear in some spots. Richard previously lived in Whitehorse and was a councillor. I explained the excellent route signing and new maps in Whitehorse. Richard believes that if the opportunities and facilities are provided people will use them.
'''David Edwards – candidate'''
Thank you for your email. Some years ago I was deeply involved with BV on the Great Victorian Bike Ride committee when the premises were in North Melbourne.  I therefore share the goals and aspirations. I am a regular user of the Gardiner Creek bike path - cycling being the only form of exercise that doesn't injure my back! I am not 100% familiar with the two issues you have raised - and I know there is a little bit of dislike of bike paths in the Boroondara community - but from my point of view an unlinked bike path is useless. Subject to funding issues, I believe that the bike paths should be linked.
Hopefully, I will be able to get elected to council, and B-Bug will be able to fill me on the details of the issues you mention.
'''Geoff Guest – candidate'''
As a regular bike rider I fully support the construction and maintenance of bike paths for a number of reasons. The first being cyclists safety and the second being for health reasons. If elected, I would endeavor to ensure that appropriate funding is made available for both new works and regular maintenance.
<span id="crMaling"></span>'''Dick Menting – candidate'''
Having spent most of my youth in Holland (and of that time probably most of my time on a bike), I have always believed that in areas such as Boroondara, more use ought to be made of bicycles. If elected as councillor, I will certainly assist to expand the network of bicycle paths in Boroondara. Appropriate safety features will need to be installed and our population educated. With my involvement in the Canterbury & Surrey Hills community banks, I can see opportunities for the banks to also assist in the funding of bicycle related projects in the future. Once profitable, we are obliged under our franchise agreement with Bendigo Bank, to spend up to 80% of profits on community projects. I have visited the website and will continue to follow progress.
'''Jane Addis – candidate'''
I would support all reasonable efforts to establish and improve existing bike paths. Traffic is a real threat to our environment, and a sedentary lifestyle is a real threat to our health.
Regards Jane Addis
'''???? - incumbent'''
'''Peter Papaemmanouil – candidate'''
(phone surveyed)
After clarification regarding resident's complaints re losing parking space along Grethorn Rd and that they would indeed be able to park and drive there whilst obeying relevant roadlaws was happy to support rollout of PBN.
Strongly supports the Darebin/Yarra trail link 'Because its a wonderful bikepath'.
'''Thomas Shaw – candidate'''
(phone surveyed)
Fully supports PBN completion 'Because its the only mode of transport my Dad uses".
Definitely supports Darebin/Yarra Link. "I am looking into the feasibility of a council bicycle fleet. The idea is only sketchy at the moment, but would be relevant to the local laws teams and also the depot." 
'''Ilias Gouletsas – candidate'''
(phone surveyed)
Supports PBN completion if made clearer that it is a cycling lane and relevant education be distributed to residents/drivers. Supports Darebin/Yarra link on the proviso it doesn't adversely affect the golf club or there is too much cost involved.
<span id="crMaranoa"></span>'''Nicholas Tragas – candidate'''
#I fully endorse and support the the completion of the Principal Bicycle Network  in the City of Boroondara.  I believe safety is of paramount importance for all bicycle users in particular school children. Of critical importance in roads such as Greythorn Road where a shared bike and parking lane exists and the road is fairly narrow there needs to be visibility of bike lanes( eg coloured bike lanes ideally or yellow road markings ) and as much separation from motor vehicles as feasibly and practically possible ( eg.wider lanes).  I would also like to see all bike lanes but particular in the narrower roads, roadside signs installed .Advisory only signage such as road markings carry no legal status and do not protect the bicycle user. I reiterate the importance of safety to all users of  roads, in particular cyclists that safety cannot be compromised and should be a given due consideration when assessing other factors such economic viability, traffic issues etc in completing the Principal Bicycle Network.
#I fully support the linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Main Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park. It is a very sensible idea that will provide greater commuter access for those cyclists unwilling  to cycle on roads. Once again the economic viability needs to be addressed with other factors such as safety, the number of users etc. in coming to a conclusion.
'''Peter Graham – candidate'''
Encouraged all 8 children to ride to school and supports PBN rollout as long as the need and data support it. In regard to the Darebin/Yarra link Peter was also in support of it as long as funds and need were there to justify it.
'''Nina Vucic – candidate'''
Supports the completion of the PBN as "it will work more affectively as a Network" and was disappointed to see the inadequate Union Rd Lane's width. Also supports the Darebin Link to complete the network affect.
'''Alan Abrahams – candidate'''
Yet to respond/contacted.
'''Jerome Tse – candidate'''
Yet to respond/contacted.
'''????  - incumbent'''
'''Keith Walter – incumbent'''
I have constantly and vigorously supported the development of the Principle Bicycle Network (PBN) in Boroondara. So far have managed to get it fully funded by the State Government. I'm not aware of the current position on Darebin Shared Trail Willsmere Park/Billabong trail, and bridge over the river. My memory suggests the bridge had been approved, but there is some debate over where the bridge should be, and whether the trail should be on the Yarra City, side of the river (on the golf course). Not being in Solway, I'm not "on top of it" as much as the local issues. Funding of trails has, I believe, always been a 50/50 deal, with the State Government. Council is constantly seeking further funds for trails, and we rapidly match them, to ensure the works proceed.
'''Frank Jockel – candidate'''
I'm a recreational cyclist. I don't ride much at the moment because we have a six year-old on training wheels. I can't commit to specific funding levels related to cycling, but, if elected, would look at it closely. I'm philosophically in support of energy conservation, less car usage, and improvement of our transport services which are mainly radial in design, and so support bicycle use. I've traveled to Europe (including Holland) and seen cultures that embrace
cycling as legitimate transport.
'''Stan Stapar – candidate'''
As a family, we enjoy riding and we all have a bicycle and go for rides along the Gardiners Creek path whenever the weather is nice. I am interested in helping Bicycle Victoria and bicycle users in our municipality to argue and fight for better conditions and improvement in bicycle lanes as well as security on the roads and shared paths My wife's
father was killed while riding a bike, and she doesn't want to happen to anyone. The only way to avoid accidents is by improving our roads and educating people to share roads, and see bicycle users as equal as motorists. I am well aware of PBN and its importance for Boroondara and would always support further implementation of it and am prepared to argue for more funding.
<span id="crSolway"></span>'''Mary Halikias-Byrnes – candidate'''
I have in the last couple of days sent out letters to the residence of Solway Ward, and asked them to complete a survey for me, to ascertain what issues are most pressing with the community. The surveys that have been sent back to me, all have listed traffic management as a concern for them. It was also one of the issues (one of many over the 7 years that I have lived here) that prompted me to nominate for Council. With every person that uses alternative transport, (public transport, bicycle, walking etc.) to travel around the city there is one less car on the road (less greenhouse gases, less congestion on the road, increase in fitness etc). So yes I am in support of encouraging people to use alternative transportation which includes bicycles. It makes environmental sense. I am also in favor of encouraging more people onto public transport, and would like to see more services for the City of Boroondara.The main issue is not to compromise the safety of the road users (which includes pedestrians, car drivers, motorcyclist and cyclists). With this in mind I would be supportive of linking up of bicycle networks as this would, I believe, encourage more to use this form of transport. In our family we all have bikes and we use the bike paths near us, along Gardiners Creek, on the weekend, but not as frequently as we would like. We do tend to stick with the shared paths off the roads for safety reasons with our children. Our children are not confident enough to use the paths marked out on the main and secondary roads.
<span id="crStudley"></span>'''Phillip Healey – candidate'''
"Thanks for contacting me, I would like to meet up with your group / representative as soon as possible.  While I will support both items 1 & 2 I think that item 2 is too many years overdue and needs to be expedited.  I would be also interested in discussing how we might create a safe strategy for children to ride to school as one of the alternatives in reducing the amount of traffic in peak hours.  I am not long back from Europe, Germany and I visited Muenster where everybody rides bikes as their short trip method of transport.  Muenster is an educational precinct, so not unlike parts of Boroondara,  except a lot more flat. 
Looking forward to catching up."
Best regards, Phillip Healey
'''Mark Wilcox – candidate'''
I have just received my copy of the Bulletin and have read the article on the principle bike network.  Where as I fully support the system as it is, I did find the content limited and was disappointed that there was no mention of school routs and programs to encourage more children to ride to school.  I should point out that I am very concerned about issues affecting younger people and strongly feel that in a network of this size should include programs for schools and universities. Please feel fee to pass on my views to your members as well as my intentions to expand on this program if elected.
'''Cindee Smith – candidate'''
(contacted by phone)
#Totally supports the continued roll-out of the PBN
#Totally supports connection of the Darebin Creek and Main Yarra Trails via Willsmere Park at Kew Billabong. Was not aware of any controversy over either of these issues.
'''Judith Voce – incumbent'''
Rang from interstate to put her views. She is on record as supporting the PBN although this needs to be a staged process. She does support the linking of the Darebin Creek and Main Yarra Trails but not in the Kew Billabong area. She believes that the link should be closer to the Chandler Highway, opposite Alphington Park. She is happy to discuss this option with Bicycle Victoria.
'''Chris Jones – candidate'''
You will learn from my candidate statement and portfolio, bringing greater recreational access and opportunities to the Kew Community is the platform upon which i stand. A road cyclist, triathlete and bicycle commuter, cycling is thus very important to me. Generally, i feel that if Kew Cottages are redeveloped a substantial amount of the area should be provided for walking and cycling tracks, whilst i would be interested to examine the possibility of a concrete velodrome such as in Kooyong being created. I also believe that some of the Studley Park tracks should be re-opened to mountain bikers, reducing the need for guerilla action after dark!!!! However, this would involve compromises and discussion with the current residents who sought the initial closure... hopefully a more suitable compromise for both parties could be reached!!
In relation to your more specific questions of:
#Completion of the Principal Bicycle Network of on road bike lanes in Boroondara - As a road cyclist this is one of the central issues for myself. Undoubtedly greater access should be given to cyclists in the area, with widening of existing lanes or removing street parking during peak hours. I would like to see greater improvements to areas other than Studley Park Road (as in alternative routes to the city which originate in our council), as i know many friends who are unwilling to use it to commute to work or uni due to fears for their safety. This forces many to cycle along the Yarra Trail to work- a costly expense in time for feeling safer.
#Linking of the Darebin Creek Trail and the Main Yarra Trail via Willsmere Chandler Park Not much explanation here needed, in my opinion its common sense providing greater commuter access for those unwilling to cycle on roads. Whilst it increases the ability for recreational cycling and will spread the congestion (weekends etc) often found on the separate trails. I hope this provides a clear picture on my stance towards the issues and shows the high importance i place upon cycling in not just the election but also my day to day needs. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me,
Chris Jones
'''Ros Oh – candidate'''
I am in generally in favor of PNR provided safety measures like signages and appropriate education for residents/drivers are undertaken. As my family are keen cyclists, I strongly support the Darebin/Yarra trail.
Regards Ros
'''Brian Walsh – candidate'''
Thank you for your email. I actually responded to the online survey questionnaire as a Boroondara bike rider. So I am familiar with some of the issues you raise I believe the completion of the on road bike lanes is a high priority because of the number of riders affected. However, the Chandler Highway Bridge is also a safety issue, and alternative Yarra River crossing arrangements for riders need to be found. If elected to Council I would be keen to help ensure the on road bike lane network is completed as soon as possible. You should also be aware that the issue of encouraging bicycle usage has been raised during the planning process for the re-development of the 27 hectare Kew Cottages site. I am President of the Kew Cottages Coalition, and I would be interested to know if your group has been consulted by either Boroondara Council or the State Government on the issue of  appropriate cycling facilities for the Kew Cottages redevelopment ? The latter is considered a project of "State Significance" by the Government so it will be critical in setting benchmarks and standards for this type of development in Victoria.
=Local Members of Parliament=
=Local Members of Parliament=

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Local Councillors

As of February 2008:

Bellevue - Cr Luke Tobin

Cotham - Cr Phil Meggs

Gardiner - Cr Coral Ross (Mayor)

Glenferrie - Cr Meredith Butler

Junction - Cr Jack Wegman

Lynden - Cr Heinz Kreutz

Maling - Cr Dick Menting

Maranoa - Cr Nicholas Tragas

Solway - Cr Mary Halikias-Byrnes

Studley - Cr Phillip Healey

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2008 Darebin Bridge

The following Councillors voted in favour of the bridge and path:

  • Cr Coral Ross
  • Cr Nicholas Tragas
  • Cr Mary Halikias-Byrnes
  • Cr Heinz Kreutz
  • Cr Dick Menting

Cotham ward by-election Jun 2006

Due to the resignation of Lachlan Williams, a by-election was held in the Cotham ward. At that time, we polled the candidates:

BBUG will be polling the candidates to gauge how cycle-friendly the candidates are. We will report their position on cycling related issues here in the days to come so that you can be more informed. We will be updating this page as we find out how they respond.

Some of the candidates are known to BBUG, as is their past opposition to bicycle initiatives in Boroondara. With the crucial Darebin link potentially being one of the first issues that the successful candidate may need to vote on the cycling residents of the Cotham ward have the opportunity to help get the link become a reality.

The candidates are:

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Cindee SMITH
Supports Darebin Link proposal. "the creation of clear ways during peak times for cyclists and reducing the double parking issues of parents collecting children from schools and alike places. Parents need to lead there children by example and practicing safe pedestrian actions. We also need to encourage children to use cycles instead of having parents driving them to destinations within a kilometer or two of home."

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Charles KOS
Supports Darebin Link proposal

No reply

Jacqueline HANG
"I definitely support linking the two trails and believe that this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I personally enjoy cycling and frequent the Gardiner's Creek Trail, Main Yarra Trail and Outer Circle Trail and would enjoy access to even more trails. Being a rider myself makes this a particularly emotive and important issue for me. In addition, my research on the matter (from http://www.darebinbridge.com.au, maps, BUGs and speaking to the local community) has stressed the necessity of the link. My understanding is the Willsmere Chandler Park location would indeed be preferable as it is a safe, environmentally friendly and economically viable option. I believe that the safety and enjoyment of riders are highly important and that improvements need to focus on these factors.

Improvements should include:

  • Completing and linking shared off-road bicycle paths. At this stage, the Darebin Bridge rebuild and the trail running to connect Boroondara's trails to the north.
  • Improving on-road paths and their safety. This includes increasing the number of paths on main roads and improving signage & crossings on smaller/local roads Added facilities for bicycle storage/locking within the community.

Good luck with your campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries."

Katherine WALSH
All no reply

Does not support Darebin Link proposal

"Does not support Darebin Link proposal. Was previously a councillor in another ward, and the only councillor who voted against on road PBN expansion. Still opposes dedicated on road bike lanes."

"Does not support Darebin Link proposal. I attended the workshop organised by Council and ARUP on 2nd May 2007 "Bicycle Strategy" and was dismayed at the lack of diversity of people there. It appeared that most attendees were commuter cyclists which gave a narrow perspective of the whole cycling movement. What cycling needs in Boroondara could also be addressed by Council are the needs of those cyclists in the following groups:

  • 5-18 years
  • seniors
  • riding to the shops instead of driving

Council need to further conduct a range of surveys to find out:

  • why most people drive rather than ride a bike
  • subsidies of electric bikes for the elderly
  • security to leave your bikes when shopping and not find them stolen
  • we have "walking buses" for school children, how about "Bike buses" for those same kids so they feel safe on Boroondara roads
  • more Local Laws officers patrolling the shared footpaths to ensure commuter cyclists do not intimidate pedestrians and recreational cyclists"

Local Members of Parliament

As of February 2008:

General information re Members of Parliament

Kew - Andrew McIntosh - Liberal

Box Hill - Robert Clark - Liberal

Hawthorn - Edward Baillieu - Liberal

Burwood - Robert Stensholt - ALP

Malvern - Michael O'Brien - Liberal

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