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Local Councillors

As of February 2008:

Bellevue - Cr Luke Tobin

Cotham - Cr Phil Meggs

Gardiner - Cr Coral Ross (Mayor)

Glenferrie - Cr Meredith Butler

Junction - Cr Jack Wegman

Lynden - Cr Heinz Kreutz

Maling - Cr Dick Menting

Maranoa - Cr Nicholas Tragas

Solway - Cr Mary Halikias-Byrnes

Studley - Cr Phillip Healey

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Are they cycling friendly?

2008 Darebin Bridge

The following Councillors voted in favour of the bridge and path:

  • Cr Coral Ross
  • Cr Nicholas Tragas
  • Cr Mary Halikias-Byrnes
  • Cr Heinz Kreutz
  • Cr Dick Menting

Cotham ward by-election Jun 2006

Due to the resignation of Lachlan Williams, a by-election was held in the Cotham ward. At that time, we polled the candidates:

BBUG will be polling the candidates to gauge how cycle-friendly the candidates are. We will report their position on cycling related issues here in the days to come so that you can be more informed. We will be updating this page as we find out how they respond.

Some of the candidates are known to BBUG, as is their past opposition to bicycle initiatives in Boroondara. With the crucial Darebin link potentially being one of the first issues that the successful candidate may need to vote on the cycling residents of the Cotham ward have the opportunity to help get the link become a reality.

The candidates are:

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Cindee SMITH
Supports Darebin Link proposal. "the creation of clear ways during peak times for cyclists and reducing the double parking issues of parents collecting children from schools and alike places. Parents need to lead there children by example and practicing safe pedestrian actions. We also need to encourage children to use cycles instead of having parents driving them to destinations within a kilometer or two of home."

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Supports Darebin Link proposal

Charles KOS
Supports Darebin Link proposal

No reply

Jacqueline HANG
"I definitely support linking the two trails and believe that this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I personally enjoy cycling and frequent the Gardiner's Creek Trail, Main Yarra Trail and Outer Circle Trail and would enjoy access to even more trails. Being a rider myself makes this a particularly emotive and important issue for me. In addition, my research on the matter (from http://www.darebinbridge.com.au, maps, BUGs and speaking to the local community) has stressed the necessity of the link. My understanding is the Willsmere Chandler Park location would indeed be preferable as it is a safe, environmentally friendly and economically viable option. I believe that the safety and enjoyment of riders are highly important and that improvements need to focus on these factors.

Improvements should include:

  • Completing and linking shared off-road bicycle paths. At this stage, the Darebin Bridge rebuild and the trail running to connect Boroondara's trails to the north.
  • Improving on-road paths and their safety. This includes increasing the number of paths on main roads and improving signage & crossings on smaller/local roads Added facilities for bicycle storage/locking within the community.

Good luck with your campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries."

Katherine WALSH
All no reply

Does not support Darebin Link proposal

"Does not support Darebin Link proposal. Was previously a councillor in another ward, and the only councillor who voted against on road PBN expansion. Still opposes dedicated on road bike lanes."

"Does not support Darebin Link proposal. I attended the workshop organised by Council and ARUP on 2nd May 2007 "Bicycle Strategy" and was dismayed at the lack of diversity of people there. It appeared that most attendees were commuter cyclists which gave a narrow perspective of the whole cycling movement. What cycling needs in Boroondara could also be addressed by Council are the needs of those cyclists in the following groups:

  • 5-18 years
  • seniors
  • riding to the shops instead of driving

Council need to further conduct a range of surveys to find out:

  • why most people drive rather than ride a bike
  • subsidies of electric bikes for the elderly
  • security to leave your bikes when shopping and not find them stolen
  • we have "walking buses" for school children, how about "Bike buses" for those same kids so they feel safe on Boroondara roads
  • more Local Laws officers patrolling the shared footpaths to ensure commuter cyclists do not intimidate pedestrians and recreational cyclists"

Local Members of Parliament

As of February 2008:

General information re Members of Parliament

Kew - Andrew McIntosh - Liberal

Box Hill - Robert Clark - Liberal

Hawthorn - Edward Baillieu - Liberal

Burwood - Robert Stensholt - ALP

Malvern - Michael O'Brien - Liberal

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