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Please note: this website is no longer maintained. Please visit the new BBUG website at:

Boroondara Bicycle Users' Group

For details on the Boroondara Bicycle Users' Group (BBUG), including meeting times and location, have a look at the about BBUG page. For contact details see the contact us page.





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While we have your attention. Please report any problems or hazards you know of in Melbourne and Geelong that need fixing. And it's only -5041 days until the next Around The Bay in a day (ATB)!

1 Mar 08 Turn off your lights for one hour at 8pm March 29, 2008 - for Earth Hour

28 Feb 08 Parks Victoria Darebin Creek Trail Plans are avalaible for viewing. For further details have a look at BBUG's Darebin Creek - Yarra Trail campaign.

7 Jan 08 Bin the bike ban wants your support. Ban blameshifting not bikes!

4 Jan 08 "The (Gardiners Creek sic) trail will be closed between Tooronga Road and Burke Road between 7 January 2008 to 20 January 2008 to allow Melbourne Water to undertake urgent remedial works. Trail users are advised to seek alternatives routes. For more information, please call 9278 4444." Temporary replacement route discussion. and BV's map.

24 Dec 07 "... I wish to advise that with the recent heavy storms and rains, a section of the Gardiners Creek bank approximately 200m east of Tooronga Road (old Brickworks site / Coles Group Building) has collapsed and damaged part of the Gardiners Creek Trail. Part of the path has been barricaded, however access through the area is still possible. ... Jim Hondrakis ... City of Boroondara ..."

Dec 07 Ride round on the trails? - how about giving them a clean up. The next Clean Up Australia Day is Sunday 2 March 2008.

Dec 07 Cr Coral Ross elected Mayor

Dec 07 The Draft Boroondara Bicycle Strategy is available for comment.

The Darebin Trail - Yarra trail bridge debate is hotting up.

Nov 07 The Sustainable Living Festival wants you to ride to the festival in Feb 2008.

Sept 07 vote4cycling wants your vote.

June 07 Cotham Ward by-election Boroondara BUG will once again be polling the candidates to see how bike-friendly they are. With a vote possible in the near future on the Darebin Link issue, BoroondaraBUG would love to see a 'link-friendly' new councillor. Read more>>

June 07 Yarra Bend Trust have permanently removed a section of the Yarra Trail path near the Chandler Bridge. Read more >>

June 07 Solway St Bridge open again. Finally! After 14 months trying to build a new bridge Stonnington CC settled on a repair to the existing bridge. One that is still too steep and does not meet Austroads standards, particularly in regard to width.

Lights! it's time for many of us to put the lights back on the bike or simply get some fresh batteries. Here are some tips on how to make yourself more visible on the road. Read more>>

May 07 Stonnington still seems unable to build bridges - Solway St Bridge still not open after 14 months.

Mar 07 Cr Philip Healey (Mayor at that time) has written to us but we seek further clarification from him and council. Read more on our Darebin Link page. Read more>>


The BBUG newsletter is published monthly. It is issued a week before the monthly meeting, ie on the first Wednesday of the month, except for January. Members can pay $10 per year to have a hard copy newsletter delivered or posted to their homes.

To receive notification by email each month when the new issue has been put on the website, as well as a reminder about our monthly meeting, send a blank e-mail to . You will also receive a call for contributions each month, about a week before the newsletter goes out. Apart from that you will rarely receive any other messages. The pdfs are also available on the links further below. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

The newsletter provides details of our next meeting and minutes of our last meeting. It also contains a variety of material related to cycling in Boroondara and beyond.

A supplementary section contains rides calendars for various clubs and BUGs in the Boroondara area and surrounding suburbs. The supplementary section is not archived on this web site. See the Rides page also.

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The Newsletter and Rides are available via this Boroondara BUG newsletter RSS feed. You can subscribe to a feed by using the button in your browser, which looks like this: File:Feed-icon-14x14.png Still haven't a clue about RSS feeds then read this and this or read the help information in your browser on the topic.

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Hi all. Here is the Newsletter and up and coming Rides:



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These feeds represent the views of a variety of groups - some of whom we can relate to and others, from time to time, we cannot. Of course in this country, you can make up your own mind. Use Ctrl F5 in most browsers to fully refresh the feeds, as needed. Use key F11 for a better view.

To display feeds on your website, have a look here.

You can subscribe directly to these feeds here.


Up and coming events

Note: always check the details directly with the organisers just in case changes or errors have occurred. In the calendar below, click on the little down arrow (far right hand side, past the Agenda tab), to select your view of the world. See also our calendar maintained especially for our Affiliates.

To display these calendars on your website, have a look here. Then stick this code into your page. Search for new calendars.

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