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Murrumbeena Trail

There is a great need for a route that parallels Dandenong Rd in the Caulfield area. The "Murrumbeena Trail" is designed to meet that need. Much of the path is in Glen Eira however Stonnington Council can work with Glen Eira Council and VicTrack to lobby for this path. We call on the Council to provide that commitment.

This trail would connect to:

  • the existing trail from Hughesdale Station to Centre Rd and Monash University's Clayton Campus
  • East Malvern Station
  • Alma Rd & Inkerman Rd on road bicycle lanes
  • Murrumbeena Rd and Bambra Rd on road bicycle lanes
  • Tooronga Rd on road bicycle lanes
  • Monash University's Caulfield Campus
  • Queens Ave on road bicycle lanes
  • Queens Ave links to the existing trail from Glenhuntly station to parts further south

Trail Name

The trail really needs a name. The term "Murrumbeena Trail" just being a convenience in the interim. Maybe the "Malvern Star Trail" would make sense, given that the west end of the proposed trail, leads to the orginal home of Malvern Star Bicycles. It's a name that Stonnington Council and the general public could easily support.

Latest news

With the review of the "Public Bicycle Network" during 2009/2010, this route or a version there of, has made it on to the PBN map!

Railway underpass

The existing railway underpass at the most southern end of Toroonga Rd could be used. Stonnington Council's bicycle strategy notes this underpass should be utilised more fully - see item 24. It's also mentioned in the Glen Eira bicycle strategy - refer to p22 item H11 and p23 item M5.

Improving this section would greatly facilitate riders heading from Toroonga Rd to Monash University's Clayton campus - a 2030 area in Glen Eira Council's patch.

There is an existing path on the north side of Dandenong Rd between Glendearg Rd and Toroonga Rd. Access to the path is poor and it remains little used - refer bicycle strategy item 25. This section could be used rather than the line shown on the south side of the rail line at this point.

Glen Eira Council

Stonnington Council would need to co-operate with Glen Eira Council, as a section of the trail is in Glen Eira Council's area. As of 2008, Glen Eira Council has been waiting seven years for help from Stonnington:

Stonnington Bicycle Strategy - 5.4.5 City of Glen Eira:

"The City of Glen Eira developed a bicycle strategy in 2000, which was adopted by Council in February 2001. Although the implementation of the recommendations contained within the strategy is progressing, discussion with Council Officers identified three key areas of interest and/or concern, with respect to Stonnington. These included the following:

  • Dandenong Road, which is on the PBN, currently has no provision for cyclists between Burke and Tooronga Roads. This is in the immediate vicinity of Monash University, a significant attractor of trips.
  • The crossing of Dandenong Road and Tooronga Road, where cyclists would benefit from the implementation of bicycle lamps in addition to the existing pedestrian lights. Although there is currently a pedestrian underpass that can be utilised by cyclists, with pedestrian mirrors and a watchman night light to assist visibility, this route is circuitous. The City of Glen Eira confirmed they would consider a joint submission with the City of Stonnington to improve these facilities."


With the possibility of a third rail tack from Caulfield station to outer Melbourne can this path be accomodated? At a minimum the section from Caulfield station toward inner Melbourne should be built. Wikipedia has an article on the third track.


  • lightblue - "Sandringham Trail" route shown as a rough outline
  • mauve - proposed Destructor Trail route
  • pink - proposed Murrumbeena Trail route
  • green - existing off road trails
  • blue - existing on road trails

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External Links and references

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