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Stonnington Bicycle Strategy

The Stonnington Bicycle Strategy was completed in late 2005. As a strategy, it is already starting to look dated and very few or if any of the items listed in the strategy have been implemented as of June 2008. It has little in the way of developing homogeneous routes. The Stonnington Leader had a great front page article calling for a "Speed up spending" for cycling - refer to article: Tuesday, 9 Oct, 2007. Then on the 27th Jan 2009: Stonnington Council lags on bike spending.

A few items that need to be implemented as soon as possible - most of which are in the strategy:

Solway bridge, Malvern Valley Golf Course and East Malvern Station footbridge area:

  • since at least Jan 2008 Council already has had some of the signage but they won't erect it. Why? - because it pre-empts Boroondara Council's plan for the future of Markham Reserve.
  • sign all intersections to the numerous paths in the area
  • rebuild path

Urban Forest Trail:

  • no signage of any use
  • the path in the immediate area of East Malvern Station is illegible
  • a crossing at Princes Hwy needs to be put in place. Co-operate with Glen Eira Council to achieve an outcome.


  • improve cycle access to the shopping centre. items 29, 27, 30, 33 at a minimum. We note that a transit lounge with bicycle facilities is to built in 2008/2009 - we'll keep an eye out for it.

Crashes - refer VicRoads CrashStats:

  • look at the safety issues at the intersections of Cromwell Rd and the neigbouring streets running parallel to Cromwell Rd with Toorak Rd.

Destructor Trail:

  • look at improving safety at all main crossings on the trail - High, Malvern & Toorak Rds.
  • the stand out kerb at High St on the south side should have a bicycle pass through installed straight away.
  • a link across Flying Duck Park to link Bangs St with Bendigo St - items 10 & 14
  • work with Port Phillip Council to install ramps at the Dandenong Rd footbridge.

Sandringham Trail:

  • allow cyclists to continue in a westwardly direction at the Punt Rd/Union St intersection - currently a left turn only to the south - as per the Council's bicycle strategy.
  • install bicycle lanes on Upton Rd bridge.
  • work with Port Phillip Council to install bicycle lanes on Wellington St to the south of the Upton Rd bridge.
  • allow righthand turns at the Wellington St/Upton Rd junction (Port Phillip Council) for cyclists

Murrumbeena Trail:

  • start work on improved access to the railway underpass at the most southern end of Toroonga Rd at Princes Hwy. Co-operate with Glen Eira Council to achieve an outcome.


  • one example - the parking rails at the library in Toorak Rd are useless. The slots for the wheels are not wide enough to accomodate wider mountain bike tyres eg ETRTO 54-559 (26*1.95). The rack design used is well out of date.

Gardiners Creek Trail:

  • install signage at the junction of the Gardiners Creek Trail and the Tooronga Trail at Glenferrie Rd, opposite the Kooyong Tennis Centre. Item 26 in the strategy. This sign was requested by BV over six years ago (2003) and still no action.

Tooronga Rd

  • parts of this route is in need of immediate resheeting of the road surface - the bike lanes are full of surface reworks

Principal Bicycle Network (PBN)

  • the implementation of the PBN in Stonnington is way behind its neighbouring councils. While Vicroads is responsible for the PBN implementation, it requires Stonnington Council to co-operate. Stonnington Council should in fact advocate for the PBN to be put in place, rather than standing idle or worse still, blaming VicRoads for inaction. If Council doesn't like VicRoads' ideas, then Council needs to come up with alternatives. Refer to the Sandringham Trail and the Destructor Trail.

Council spending

How much is Stonnington Council spending on cycling infrastructure per capita? Not enough according to Bicycle Victoria's BiXe. Stonnington has an estimated population of 94,545 in 2008. At $5 a head that's close on $500,000. See also Stonnington Leader - Stonnington Council lags on bike spending - 27th Jan 2009.

Fortunately in Victoria we spend more on cycling per capita than most states excluding WA. See chart. Reference SA Geens party

In fact Stonnington Council spends less than any of the inner Melbourne Councils, although it is probably the wealthiest. What's more astounding is that it is one of the participants in the "Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) - Making Melbourne More Liveable". IMAP specifically promotes cycling.

The Council's bicycle spending pretty well just survives off grants. Unfortunately Council appears to utilise the money it does have poorly - hollow logs come to mind. Council needs to facilitate cycling using monies from its own revenues and apply for more grants than it is does at the present. Base budgeted expenditure needs to be regular and predictable into the future. The Council's accounting procedures do not clearly differentiate between grants it receives and monies spent out of its own revenue. This results in a reduction of perceived transparency on financial expenditure.

Super Tuesday counts

Good news: Stonnington Council agreed to extend its count into East Ward for the 2010 Super Tuesday count.

Bicycle Victoria surveys a large area of Melbourne each year to determine how many people cycle where in Melbourne. Stonnington Council only does survey counts in the IMAP area. Consequently any part of Stonnington east of Glenferrie Rd is not surveyed. That's East Ward - do you live in East Ward? Sadly it appears there is still a hangover from the old days of the City of Prahran & City of Malvern along Liberal/Labor lines.

Chadstone Shopping Center is a Principal Activity Centre but the amount of cycling in that area has never been measured by SCC. The cost of the count to Council is not high and each counter receives nothing except $50 that's donated to their local school, Rotary Club, bike club, etc.

Council focus

It's time we all became a little more focused and looked at the trends here and overseas - and why do we have to wait to see what happens in other countries?:

Paris: 20,000 publicly sponsored bicycles available from over 1,450 locations throughout Paris. Good for tourism - good for business.

Brisbane - 100 million dollars over four years

Ken Livingston ex Mayor of London - $870,000,000 AUD for cycling

New Mayor of London and journalist "Boris" Johnson - wants to triple the number of cycling trips


Eddington report - East West Link Needs Assessment - recommendation 7: spend $60 million

Real estate next to bike paths is in demand

Bicycles for the Gold Coast

Bicycles for London


IMAP proposes the following key actions in regards cycling:

  • Bicycle Network Legibility - Improve the legibility of the bicycle network (PBN and local links) with an emphasis on clear delineation of continuous links.
  • Bicycle Network- Review the Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) and work with VicRoads to complete it within five years (from 2005).

Where are the routes in Stonnington? Quite sparse compared to other areas.

Bicycle Victoria's 2007 "Super Tuesday" counts show substantial numbers of cyclists passing through Stonnington.

The IMAP Feb 2008 status report makes for good reading. Updated IMAP for cycling in Feb 2008 3.2mb


Stonnington has two principle activity centres which could benefit from new and/or improved routes:

  • Chapel St (Prahran/South Yarra) - would benefit from the proposed Sandringham Trail.
  • Chadstone - would benefit from the eight routes that converge at the East Malvern station footbridge.

Additionally Monash University (Caulfield campus) could benefit from the proposed Murrumbeena Trail.

Council contacts

If you have a problem re: cycling in Stonnington these Council officers may be able to help further:

  • Tom Haysom - 8290 2026 - Sustainable Transport Planner -
  • Peter Kyrkylis - 8290 3557 - Traffic & parking -
  • Peter Murray - 8290 6044 - Parks coordinator - pmurray@stonnington.vic.go\/.au

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