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Stonnington Maps and Routes

Stonnington Council now (Sept 2009) has available TravelSmart maps for the Stonnington area. These maps should be considered essential equipment for anyone who wants to determine the location of the bike paths and on road bike lanes in their immediate area. Don't pass them up if you can find a copy. Please contact Council.

Three other TravelSmart maps also cover parts of the Stonnington area - titled: "Melbourne", "St Kilda Road" and "Boroondara". "St Kilda Road" is prety much a subset of "Melbourne". "Boroondara" covers Stonnington to the east of Williams Rd.

Council doesn't have a Sustainable Transport Officer but either of these two Council officers may be able to help further:

  • Sustainable Environment Co-ordinator: John Wisniewski
  • Transport Planner: Katherine Wrzesinski

Off-road routes

The northern and eastern regions of Stonnington have good access to Melbourne's excellent network of off-road shared paths. The Yarra Trail and Gardiners Creek Trail both pass through Stonnington. The Yarra Trail provides a route through the northern and eastern part of the municipality, linking to the Gardiners Creek Trail in the east.

See these external links at Wikipedia:

Links into the municipality of Monash and Glen Eira:

For hard copy while out riding we recommend:
Bike rides around Melbourne 3rd edition, 2009, Julia Blunden, Open Spaces Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9752333-4-4

On-road routes

Stonnington mainly uses Wide Side Kerbside lanes, which are advisory only and have no legal significance. Other lanes are only available during clearway times eg Toorak Rd. The former are of the least value to cyclists. In the east of the municipality, some true bike lanes can be found - most notably:

  • Tooronga Rd - this route is in need of immediate resheeting of the road surface - the bike lanes are full of surface reworks
  • Darling Rd
  • Belgrave Rd
  • and some small sections of Malvern Rd

Trips into the CBD from the Prahran/Windsor area would typically utilise the bicycle lanes on St Kilda Rd or a route through Fawkner Park, Domain St and the Avenues around the Royal Botanical Gardens - all outside of Stonnington.

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