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Yarra Trail

Stonnington Council in June 2008 (end of fin yr) has made some improvements to this trail. $100,000 was budgeted for in 2007-2008. However, we're not sure Council is getting its monies worth.

The trail is about 3 km long in Stonnington, however it needs major reworking and it seems unlikely that this will occur, if Stonnington Council has to pay for it. In fact it's perhaps unfair to expect Stonnington Council to be responsible for this path, when it acts as a major access route to the CBD. The State Government should pay for a complete rework of the Trail. At a minimum, the section from Williams Rd through to Princes bridge, should be rebuilt.

Perhaps it should be noted that some of Australia's greatest rowers have had their beginnings training on the Yarra River. Their coaches, on bicycles, ride the path everyday, carefully directing their crews on the finer points of rowing:

  1. Melbourne Grammar
  2. Scotch College
  3. Wesley College
  4. Melbourne University
  5. and many others

A VicRoads counter near Punt Rd bridge, shows (2008) that 1000 to 1400 cyclists pass by each day. Most of these cyclists are commuters. Given the heavy usage of this path by both pedestrians and cyclists in one of the nicest places in inner Melbourne this path deserves more.

Path problems:

  • cheap repair jobs implemented
  • inconsistent and missing signage
  • varying path width
  • frayed edges
  • tree roots lifting path
  • concrete edging inconsistent
  • ruts and holes
  • ponding and mud pooling
  • gravel on surface
  • surface highly uneven
  • poor line marking
  • poor quality paint
  • odd grades and camber in places
  • earth and plant vegation drifting on to the path
  • some path legibility issues
  • miscellaneous safety problems with objects along the edge of the path
  • out of date and non-compliant advisory signage
  • poor foundations and thin layers of bitumen


Photos - items now improved since being posted on this site

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