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Urban Forest Trail

The Urban Forest Trail is the northern section of a trail that runs from East Malvern Station to Centre Rd. A spur at Huntingdale Station leads to Monash University's Clayton campus - abt 8 km from East Malvern Station. Another minor spur connects to Murrumbeena Station.

Currently the trail suffers from three main problems in Stonnington. All are listed in Stonnington's Bicycle strategy:

  • no signage of any use - item 27
  • the path in the immediate area of East Malvern Station is illegible - item 29
  • a crossing at Princes Hwy needs to be put in place - see below
  • the intersection at East Malvern Station footbridge is an important intersection/interchange - this needs to be recognised

Glen Eira Council

Stonnington Council would need to co-operate with Glen Eira Council re: the crossing at Princes Hwy. As of 2008, Glen Eira Council has been waiting seven years for help from Stonnington:

Stonnington Bicycle Strategy - 5.4.5 City of Glen Eira:

"The City of Glen Eira developed a bicycle strategy in 2000, which was adopted by Council in February 2001. Although the implementation of the recommendations contained within the strategy is progressing, discussion with Council Officers identified three key areas of interest and/ or concern, with respect to Stonnington. These included the following:

  • The location of the existing pedestrian crossing over Dandenong Road. This is approximately 0.5km to the west of the connection for the pathway through the Urban Forest Reserve and Boyd Park. It is planned that this pathway will be upgraded and ultimately connect to the shared pathway along the railway line via Hughesdale Station."

Note that the Boyd Park pathway has been upgraded by Glen Eira Council.

The Glen Eira Council's "Outer Circle Railway Linear Park - Landscape Management Plan - 2004" also calls for a crossing of Princes Hwy.

Belgrave Rd

As part of improving the paths in the vicinity of East Malvern Station, there should be a better connection to the on road bicycle lanes that lead to South Rd via Belgrave Rd, Murrumbeena Rd and East Boundary Rd. Refer Google map

Specifically the legibility of the route from the station to Belgrave Rd via either Sycamore St or Waverley Oval needs much improvement.

The same can be said for the on road lanes that head west along Malvern Rd.

Variation on the theme

The existing path at Boyd Park could be connected to the Urban Forest path - however an alternative to the Urban Forest path would be via the two parks either side of Sydare Ave and via The Rialto to the Scotchmans Creek Trail. A pedestrian crossing would be required at Waverley Rd, noting that one already exists at the north end of the Urban Forest path.

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