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The proposed bridge across the Yarra is a vital connection that will link the Darebin Trail to the Yarra Trail.

It will not only provide a vastly wider choice for recreational riders from and to our northern neighbours but open up far more opportunities for commuting as a rideable alternative to the unrideable Chandler Highway Bridge.

You can keep up with the latest developments at the Darebin Yarra link community coalition website.



Connecting the Yarra trail and the Darebin Trail is State Government policy under 2030. See Direction 5.7.5

Current Status

12 November 2017

VicRoads announce the completion of the first stage of the Link. The final section linking to the Yarra Trail is scheduled to be completed and open to the public by early 2018.

2 August 2016

VicRoads have awarded the contract for the final stage of the link, including the bridge over the Yarra. Construction is expected to be completed by August 2017.

3 May 2013

The underpass of Heidelberg Road is now complete allowing walkers and bike riders to access Sparks Reserve via the Darebin Creek Trail. We would like to thank our neighbors in Darebin and Banyule for completing this link. BBUG will continue the push to have the trail extended into Boroondara, so that we to can share the Willsmere Park area, with our neighbors to the north.

22 April 2013

The Boroondara Urban Planning Special Committee voted against their officers’ recommendation to extend for a further two years the planning permit for the bridge over the Yarra into Willsmere Park, which is needed to complete the long awaited Darebin Yarra Link.

5 August 2011 - any action?

Over the two years since the VCAT decision, about 100 metres of path has been installed at Sparks Reserve, just south of Heidelberg Rd. No other obvious action has occurred on the ground.

However the Northcote Leader reports that all is in hand - read the article

7 April 2010

Another three years to complete? Northcote Leader 7 Apr 2010 Darebin cyclists frustrated and Progress Press 27 Apr 2010 Bike path bridge too far away. Parks Victoria - what's the hold up?

5 August 2009, VCAT Decision

  • VCAT hands down decision in favour of Darebin Creek - Main Yarra Trail link.
  • Completion of the bridge and associated paths are now (Aug 2009) estimated to be completed in two years or so.

Boroondara Council vote in favour

On 17 June 2008 Boroondara Council voted 5 to 4 in favour of granting a permit for a bridge and a path to Parks Victoria. All three Councils: Boroondara, Banyule and Yarra are now in agreement. Parks Victoria is talking the matter to VCAT to resolve any outstanding objections.

Nov 2007 Willsmere Chandler Park report now in

Dr Graeme Lorimer has presented to the City of Boroondara his report on the likely environmental impact of the proposed bridge linking the Darebin Creek Trail to the Yarra Trail at the Parks Victoria preferred location in Willsmere-Chandler Park. The report finds that construction of the bridge and associated path poses few risks to the environment, and that there are acceptable solutions to those that it does pose. Unsurprisingly he identifies dogs off-leads as a more serious threat to the environmental values of the park, and more specifically to the Billabong. See the full text of Dr Lorimer's report at:

Sep 2007 Planning Permit Applications are now in

Parks Victoria have lodged the applications with Boroondara, Yarra, and Banyule Councils. We are looking forward to council reviewing this issue. Hopefully Council will soon have the updated environmental Lorimer report so councillors have all the facts before them to make a clear decision.

The campaign has attracted local press from both sides of the river

July 2007 Darebin Link makes the news. The Age ran two excellent stories on:

Apparently Latrobe Golf Course are "very supportive of the concept...".

Also of note is that the environmental consultant, Dr Lorimer, is about to hand council a specific report on any potential impact of the proposed trail. Given that Parks Victoria and Dept of Sustainability & Environment have already given written assessments that there will be no environmental impact we look forward to the arrival of Dr Lorimer's report as it has been the ambiguity of previous summary reports that path opponents have been able to clutch their hopes on. This report should enable council to have the clarity they need to make a decision, once the applications are lodged by Parks Victoria.

Why the Darebin Bridge Location has no Alternatives

The following map outlines the options which have been considered and subsequently ruled out. Click on the map markers for more information about the shortcomings of the various alternate routes shown on the map: Map of the various suggested alternative routes.

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