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2008 election Stonnington

See also the 2008 Boroondara election.

Questions posed to candidates

  1. Will you support the construction of a shared path from the west end of Argyll St to the East Malvern Station footbridge adjacent to and immediately to the north of the M1 on the Malvern Valley Public Golf course? Such a path will facilitate travel from the Waverley area to inner Melbourne. It would benefit the local neighbourhood house, local schools, the TAFE and multimodal travel by linking to the station. It will also improve golfer amenity by getting cyclists off the golf course and leave the Council less exposed to liability issues from golf ball strike. Given the current M1 works the construction costs would be minimised. The path's projected location makes flood levels a non issue.
  2. Bicycle Victoria suggests that councils should spend at least $5 per head of population on cycling infrastructure. Given that Stonnington Council is the lowest spender of the Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) Councils at an estimated $2/head, will you support lifting expenditure to the $5 level?
  3. What other ideas do you have for promoting cycling in Stonnington?

Candidates' responses - incumbents

East Ward

Judy Hindle - no response

Anne O'Shea - no response

Steve Stefanopoulos - no response

North Ward

Tas Athanasopoulos - no response

John Chandler - no response

Sarah Davies

Thank you for keeping onto Stonnington staff and councillors about how there needs to be a very strategic, policy driven and budgetted focus for cycling to move deeper into community awareness, usage and acceptance.

  1. In response to the questions you asked I have discussed them with Warren Roberts, Stonnington's General Manager Infrastructure, who has advised that he and others have met with you to discuss the BBUG's suggestions for a cycle track from the west end of Argyll St to East Malvern Station and the engineering and other constraints such as needing to move sound walls, footings, connection to a footbridge etc and impacts on the MV Golf course.
  2. I can advise that for the 08/09 year Stonnington has allocated approx $300,000 towards cycling related items.
  3. I continue to be committed to advocating for cycling at every turn (I started with working to get bike lanes on Chapel St and many meetings with Vic Roads to allow them and contribute to their cost) for its many health and social benefits and most importantly taking a car off the road/freeing up parking spaces whenever possible.

By way of feedback, my husband rides daily and did the Around the Bay and as a family we all have bikes so I am fairly aware of the impediments and improvements that need to be made. Regards.

South Ward

Chris Gahan - not standing for re-election

Melina Sehr - no response

Claude Ullin - no response

Candidates' responses - non incumbents

East Ward

Greg Hannan

Thankyou for the opportunity to comment on cycling. I note the growth in the number of people cycling to work or cycling part way and catching a train.

  1. My view is that the East Ward deserves better in all areas. In principle I am in favour of your proposal but without an estimate of costs and a full understanding of the Council budget I cannot promise that it will be built. However I can promise to work towards increasing funding on East Ward projects and I believe this to be a very worthy project.
  2. Consistent with a view to reducing the greenhouse footprint of Council I support maintaining and improving bike infrastructure.
  3. Speaking to traders in the East Ward, a number have mentioned the need for more bike racks so that people can secure their bikes. An example is the strip shopping centre on High Street next to Glen Iris station. With more and more people cycling, particularly to the station, the Council should recognise this by providing more bike racks. This has many benefits and should be something the next Council sets as one of its priorities.

I would be happy to discuss this further.

Mathew Knight - no response

Sonja Van Buuren

Thankyou for your email. I'm pleased to see you're following the council election and taking such a worthy cause on board.

As a keen cyclist myself, I ride to work on a regular basis and am therefore very aware of the needs for continual improvements both to infrastructure and education to ensure that riding is accessible and of course, safe.

Thankyou for your interest in my campaign and I hope to further support your ideas for continual improvements for current cyclists as well as to encourage more people to use cycling as an alternative mode of transport.


Nick Voulanas

Thank you for your email,

I am a cyclist myself although amateur. In March this year, I rode 440km through rugged North Vietnam and raised $17,000 for Sids and Kids. We were riding some 2,500m above sea level, so you can imagine the gradients. I was told that this was harder than the great alpine bike ride, from fellow riders that had done both (talk about being thrown in the deep end) I trained to the best of ability, and of course used the Gardiner's creek bike route.

So to the questions:

  1. I whole heartily support the construction of this path. It is sensible, a good route and would join the existing paths, keeping cyclists safer.. If elected it will have my full support. As a physiotherapist at Monashlink, I work closely with the neighbourhood houses in the area, and the schools through the healthy kids in monash project.
  2. Part of my platform has been highlighting the low council expenditure on cycling facilities, both the amount per person and total expenditure on facilities. I have made reference in my literature to www.bv.com.au BIXE 2007. The council needs to lift it's game and I support the $5 amount as a minimum.
  3. I would like to see and will push for bike lanes on all main roads, and an improvement on road surfacing. I believe that bike locking/parking facilities should be mandatory to most new business permits- especially large retail areas. I would like to see a council facility in the future at a central location, providing secure parking, toilets and access to drinking water. In the CBD they should also have such a facility but with showers.

I have had the pleasure of travelling to Holland on several occasions, so I saw what was possible for cycling.

Thank you again for writing to me. If elected I look forward to working with BUG, and hope we can set up something similar in stonnington..

Carlo Buratto

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the use of bicycles in the area. My responses to your questions:

  1. I would support proposals to extend or improve bike paths in Stonnington. However, I would need to consult and obtain more information on this particular proposal.
  2. I would support an increase on spending on cycling infrastructure. The level would be determined after further consultation and determination of other financially competing issues.
  3. As the use of public transport increases, especially trains, I would like to see secure bike lockers installed at or adjacent to our train stations. One of the impediments to bike travel for train travellers is the space they take up on the trains during peak periods. Secure bike lockers have recently been installed at my place of work, and they have increased the use of bikes dramatically. I would work with the Transport Authority, Stonnington Council, and Bicycle Vic to assess feasibility in the first instance.


Ken Davis

Hi My response

  1. As a golfer at Malvern Valley and a cyclist I agree entirely.
  2. I agree with an increase. Not sure it should be to $5 in one jump as there are competing priorities.
  3. With Darling and East Malvern now “manned” stations I would like to explore the installation of secure bike racks for commuters.


Carly Harris - no response

Marc Gauci - no response

Malcolm McLean - no response

North Ward

Sean Sanderson

  1. Yes! I do support the construction of a shared path from the west end of Argyll St to the East Malvern Station footbridge adjacent to and immediately to the north of the M1 on the Malvern Valley Public Golf course.
  2. I also support council spending at least $5 per head of population on cycling infrastructure.
  3. That Council/s paint the shared path a bright yellow, to indicate to other users that this particular area is for bicycles only.


Russell James Morse

After contacting Mr Morse by telephone, he suggested we should send our questions to him via the mail.

Narelle E. Hanratty

My general position on the issues raised:

I want to reduce the number of car trips being made around the area. If we want to continue to enjoy living in Stonnington, we need to:

  • reduce the number of car trips
  • increase the number of trips by other means: foot, bike, scooter.

My particular position on the issues raised:

  1. Yes, I will support the construction of a shared path.
  2. I will support lifting expenditure on cycling infrastructure. Until I'm actually elected and have the opportunity to better understand the Council budget, I cannot promise to support lifting expenditure to a defined level.
    • better signage of bike paths
    • better street and bike path lighting
    • illustrations of bike paths erected in prominent spots (perhaps with comparisons of travel time using bike, car, bus, etc)
    • covered storage facilities for bikes at train stations
    • encouraging more bike retailers

Xenia Holt - no response

James Justin Henty Byrne - no contact person provided by VEC.

Angus Nicholls

  1. I will support any project that will assist in getting cars off the road, as time progresses we need to be mindful of our environment and reduced reliance on cars will improve the amenity of the City of Stonnington. It is impossible for me to be more specific about the exact project that you have raised as I would need to see more detail and understand costing prior to being able to 100% commit to any project as it would be irresponsible of me to do so blindly. I do however reiterate my position that the promotion of cycling as an alternative to car use is a very desirable thing.
  2. Similarly with increasing the expenditure to $5 per head of population. In essence this appears to make good sense to achieve the outcomes that we seek to improve cycling infrastructure throughout the City. I do not advocate simply spending the money because a certain level of spending has been ear marked and/or suggested, however I do support making the investment in infrastructure to improve cycling facilities generally.
  3. My general ideas for promoting cycling throughout Stonnington are firstly to get the infrastructure that is in place brought back up to the level that it was when it was first installed (i.e. re-painting bike lanes, replacing bike rails throughout the City and ensuring that they are of sufficient strength to actually do the job that they are designed for), and the like.

If elected to Council I would then take my usual approach to dealing with issues, that is speak with groups such as yours who have a real and direct interest in the subject matter, and likely superior knowledge about what is/is not required with a view to understanding exactly what it is that you would like - basically a wish list. From there I would set about seeing if we could put together a comprehensive plan to implement over an agreed period of time. In this way it would be possible to cost each segment of the program to ensure that any increased financial burden can be spread over a period of time to minimise its impact on ratepayers whilst still delivering to overall goal.

Julie Coote - no response

Thomas Miller - no response

Gwen Johnston - no response

William McNee


Thank you very much for your email. In relation to all three questions i would certainly assure you that i would be absolutely committed to supporting your cause from day one. As a councillor our duty is to carry out the wishes of the residents and if those are the things that the residents request to have done then i will do everything i can to make it happen.

Hopefully i will get elected so i can help out with these issues.

Thank you

South Ward

Jacob Clifton

A number of residents who I have doorknocked this year as part of my campaign have said to me that Stonnington needs to do more for cycling in our city and I agree. I have also been liaising with the Sustainability in Stonnington group who share this view. For instance, there is a lack of places to lock up bikes in Stonnington.

  1. It is difficult to give you my position on the shared path that you have suggested without having access to more details. But I do think that Stonnington Council needs to provide more bike paths in order to entice people out of their cars. This will improve congestion and will be more environmentally friendly.
  2. I also support lifting the amount of money that Stonnington Council spends on cycling infrastructure.
  3. I would be happy to meet with yourself or your group at any stage during the campaign and I hope you are able to form a BUG in Stonnington in the near future.

Kind regards

Gabriel Hermes

  1. If physically and financially possible, I would support such a path.
  2. Would need to assess the overall budget given the financial circumstances at the time.
  3. Suggests a cycling day out for families in Stonnington.

Robert Hale - no response

John Velos

After contacting Mr Velos by telephone, he suggested we should send our questions to him via the mail.

Tom Moloney

I am the contact person for PrahranBUG. Although we don't have organised rides there is a small network of people who actively pursue cycling issues. I attend most Stonnington Council meetings & have done since 1980 during Prahran Council era.

I raced internationally as a cyclist & continue to race with Footscray Cycling Club, use the bike as my main form of transport & worked on the former State Bicycle Committee (8yrs) establishing the bike path network.

  1. I will support the construction of a shared path from the west end of Argyll St to the East Malvern Station footbridge adjacent to and immediately to the north of the M1 on the Malvern Valley Public Golf course.
  2. I will you support lifting expenditure to the $5 level.
  3. Identification of suitable place for bike rails & of poor or dangerous sections of roadway / paths is an ongoing task.

Adoption by Stonnington, as part of its Sustainable Transport Policy, of the heirarchy of priority for pedestrians, cyclists, public tranport, multiple passenger vehicles, single passenger vehicles provides a focus for implementation of many strategies & treatements favouring cyclists.

Of course all of the above can't be done without gaining the support of other councillors.


Timothy Smith - no response

Fahrettin Elmas - no response

Kirsten Anderson - could not contact

Corey Rose - no response

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