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Concepts to learn are:

  • steering
  • pedalling
  • balance
  • braking

A deserted grassy plain are great places for a learner to start in a controlled environment. This is also good for balancing games like seeing how slow you can ride. Things that threaten balance are:

  • slippery surfaces
  • speeds under 8kmph
  • sudden bumps
  • loud unexpected noises (a backfiring vehicle)
  • stones and other road debris
  • linear variations in level strong gusty wind
  • any combination of the above

An experienced rider is always looking for the above hazards, plus of course things to avoid colliding with. The trickiest one to watch for is a linear variation in level, by which I mean grooves like tram or train tracks, a wooden bridge with gaps, the raised edge of a path or even a garden hose. Such hazards should be ridden across at a safe angle, or jumped by "hopping" the front wheel. It may surprise you that most cycling accidents are "rider-only" accidents, so it really pays to sharpen those basic skills!

How do I teach a child to ride?

Two links for good reading on how to start your young one/s riding independently! From across Bass Strait read on And the from the font of all things bike! Mr Sheldon Brown (dec.) read on

Warning to all parents. Your patience will be rewarded with years of fun for your kids and that first moment when you witness your child take their first unassisted pedal strokes is one you will never forget!

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