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BBUG response to Council Officer’s report on Bicycle Strategy – it’s gone backwards

The Boroondara Services Delegated Committee is meeting on 11 July 2022 to consider the Council Officer’s Report on the Boroondara Bicycle Strategy.

Boroondara Bicycle Users Group (BBUG) is concerned that suggested amendments to the draft strategy and implementation plan (p24) will prevent the construction of a safe cycling route for students to get to schools including Balwyn North Primary, Greythorn Primary, Balwyn High & Kew High.

This route was included in the previous drafts of the bike strategy and implementation plan.

It is unfortunate that misinformation has been spread about this route being “unsafe” and a “busy commuter route” when it will provide students the opportunity to ride safely to school and for people to access several local recreation reserves by bike. The trail would also suit pedestrians of all ages and dog walkers.

We are surprised that several of the key findings of the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report (p33) are negative towards cycling when there are many examples of shared paths such as the Anniversary Trail, Koonung Trail, Main Yarra Trail and Darebin Creek Trail providing good amenity to both bike riders and walkers.

Riding a bike is healthy, emissions free and convenient for both local and longer trips.

More trips by bike will also reduce congestion on busy roads.

However, the lack of safe cycling infrastructure and a well-integrated network of bike routes in Boroondara is a major disincentive for riding a bike for many Boroondara residents.

Over 321 people have now signed our petition asking Boroondara Councillors to approve the original draft Bicycle Strategy and Implementation Plan. BBUG considers that these versions should be adopted.

BBUG recommends that Boroondara Council provide bike infrastructure that is commensurate with the Vision in the strategy (p65) and on par with or better than bike infrastructure in the neighbouring local government areas of Yarra, Melbourne, Stonnington, Darebin, Monash and Whitehorse.

Our submission to the Boroondara Services Delegated Committee meeting is here.

We think it’s vital that Boroondara Councillors approve the new bike strategy without further delays.

What can you do?

Contact all Boroondara Councillors via phone or email and let them know you want them to approve the previous draft of the bike strategy.

Let them know why cycling is important to you.

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