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Boroondara Council approves 2022-2032 Bike Strategy

The Boroondara Services Delegated Committee met on 11 July 2022 to discuss and vote on the 2022-2032 Bike Strategy.

You can view consideration of the draft Bike Strategy in the video below.

Boroondara Special Service meeting 11 July 2022 – Bike Strategy starts at 22:09

There were several presentations from members of the public. The BBUG presentation to the meeting begins at 1:01:40.

In summary, BBUG opposed the Council Officer’s recommendation to remove the Glass Creek / Jacka Trail from the strategy because it prevents the construction of a safe cycling route for students to get to schools including Balwyn North Primary, Greythorn Primary, Balwyn High & Kew High.

It is unfortunate that misinformation has been spread about this route being “unsafe” and a “busy commuter route” when it would provide students the opportunity to ride safely to school and for people to access several local recreation reserves by bike. The trail would also suit pedestrians of all ages and dog walkers.

BBUG also submitted that its vital that Boroondara Councillors approve a bike strategy without further delays.

The BBUG submission to the meeting is here

Council then voted unanimously to approve the revised strategy.

Motion to approve Boroondara Bicycle Strategy – passed

This additional motion was put to the meeting by Cr Biggar and seconded by Cr Franco.

Motion to receive a report on options for a safe bike route allowing students to ride to four schools – not passed

This motion was not carried:

  • For: Cr Biggar, Cr Franco and Cr Gault
  • Against: Cr Parke, Cr Sinfield, Cr Hollingsworth, Cr Addis, Cr Stavrou, Cr Thompson
  • Absent: Cr Gillies, Cr Watson

We commend Boroondara Council for adopting a Bike strategy and Implementation Plan that contains actions to improve safety for bike riders and provide a well-integrated network of bike routes in Boroondara.

However, BBUG considers that safe cycling routes in the north of Boroondara (Bellevue, Maranoa and Cotham wards) could be improved considerably.

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