Ebikes can open up cycling to many in the community who don’t currently ride a bike. They can be used by all riders, with electric assistance that makes riding, climbing hills and carrying loads easy.

An ebike can provide active transport to replace many car trips, including:

  • Supermarket shopping trips, carrying up to 60kg
  • School drop offs and pick ups using a child seat.
  • Local trips to coffee shops and social visits.
  • Recreational rides with family and friends

Every trip on a bike is one less car on our roads, and cycling is a fun and healthy activity.

Assistance from the electric motor cuts out at 25 km/h and they can be also be used without the electric motor. No licence is required to ride one.

Merri-bek (formerly Moreland) has the excellent ride and stride initiative to increase use of cargo bikes. BBUG would like something like this in Boroondara

Ride & Stride Program 2022, Merri-bek City Council


  • Don’t buy a cheap eBike, they cannot be repaired and there may be safety concerns with the battery. Bosch motors are serviced locally.
  • Use a good lock to secure the bike and look for secure parking locations.
  • Some bikes can be easily adjusted to suit different riders – the seat and handlebar heights can be varied quickly.
Going shopping with an eBike
Going shopping with an eBike, note very limited bike parking.
Ebikes at 2022 Boroondara Sustainable Living Festival
Ebikes at 2022 Boroondara Sustainable Living Festival
Ebike parked outside Flinders Street Station
Ebike parked outside Flinders Street Station