Bike Advocacy Boroondara eBikes Submission

Boroondara BUG Submission on Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan 2023-24 – 2024-25

To: Services Boroondara Delegated Committee Meeting, 13 November 2023 From: Peter Campbell, Boroondara Bicycle Users Group Boroondara Bicycle Users Group commends Boroondara Council for revising the Climate Action Implementation Plan. E-bikes can open up cycling to many in the community who don’t currently ride a bike. They can also be used without the electric motor. […]

Bike Advocacy Hawthorn electorate Submission

Auburn Road crossing submission

Boroondara BUG has made this submission supporting to the public engagement on a proposal for a new pedestrian crossing on Auburn Road just south of the railway overpass. Boroondara BUG overall supports the proposed pedestrian crossing on Auburn Road.The current layout of Auburn Road is incongruous with its status as a shopping strip with a […]

Bike Advocacy Hawthorn electorate Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Strategic Cycling Corridor Submission

Dangerous designs on Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail in Surrey Hills and Mont Albert

Boroondara Bicycle Users Group has submitted the following serious safety concerns to the Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project and local MPs Paul Hamer (Box Hill) and John Pesutto (Hawthorn). These relate to recently released artist’s drawings of infrastructure for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail that is being built by the LXRP. Collision risks […]

Bicycle strategy Bike Advocacy Boroondara Submission

Boroondara Council approves 2022-2032 Bike Strategy

The Boroondara Services Delegated Committee met on 11 July 2022 to discuss and vote on the 2022-2032 Bike Strategy. You can view consideration of the draft Bike Strategy in the video below. There were several presentations from members of the public. The BBUG presentation to the meeting begins at 1:01:40. In summary, BBUG opposed the […]

Bike Advocacy Submission

Submission to City of Melbourne on the roll-out of the cycling network

The Boroondara Bicycle Users Group (BBUG) has a long history of advocacy for better bicycle infrastructure in Boroondara and beyond.  Many of our members and supporters cycle to and through the City of Melbourne and benefit from recent and ongoing improvements in safe cycling infrastructure. Bike trips include commuting to work in Melbourne’s CBD, going […]