Bike Advocacy Cycle design guidelines

Where are the 2020 State Government cycle design guidelines?

The Victorian government developed draft cycle design guidelines in 2020 that were distributed to some Melbourne councils.

These are referenced in the City of Yarra Officers report Elizabeth Street Options and Bike Infrastructure Design Guidelines Assessment and the meeting City of Yarra Council Meeting Agenda, Tuesday 21 December 2021 (Item 12, page 10).

Concept design cycling infrastructure City of Yarra 2021
Pilot and trial protected bike lanes outcome through the use of bollards and chevron paint lines to delineate the lanes. City of Yarra

The design guidelines may be titled the Department of Transport Cycling Guide 2020.

Unfortunately, as of February 2024 these design guidelines are still not publicly available.

The community would benefit from these design guidelines being available as they would inform the provision of better and safer cycling infrastructure on roads and shared paths.

Boroondara Bicycle Users Group calls on the Department of Transport to release the Department of Transport Cycling Guide 2020.

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