Bike Advocacy Boroondara eBikes Submission

Boroondara BUG Submission on Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan 2023-24 – 2024-25

To: Services Boroondara Delegated Committee Meeting, 13 November 2023

From: Peter Campbell, Boroondara Bicycle Users Group

Boroondara Bicycle Users Group commends Boroondara Council for revising the Climate Action Implementation Plan.

E-bikes can open up cycling to many in the community who don’t currently ride a bike. They can also be used without the electric motor.

Bicycles and e-bikes can provide active transport to replace many car trips, including:

  • supermarket shopping trips, carrying up to 60kg
  • school drop offs and pick ups using a child seat
  • local trips to gyms, coffee shops and social visits
  • recreational rides with family and friends.

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity and every trip on a bike or e-bike is one less car on our busy roads. No licence is required to ride an e-bike.

Every 1000 km travelled on a bicycle or e-bike can save up to 100 litres of petrol (depending on the vehicle) which translates to 230 kg of CO2 emissions avoided.

Specific recommendations 

4.1 Conduct electric vehicle charging feasibility analysis at Council’s Camberwell offices and Kew and Riversdale depots.

  • Include e-bike and mobility scooter charging at Council owned and managed facilities

4.2 Install fast charging stations at two community locations

  • Include e-bike and mobility scooter charging at all Council community locations

4.3 Develop a fleet transition plan for the transition of Council’s and contractor operations fleets to EV.

  • Expand use of bicycles and/or cargo e-bikes for council officer and contractor fleet trips

4.4 Incorporate use of commercial and/or operational EVs into Council’s fleet (or contracted waste services).

  • Expand use of cargo e-bikes in Council’s fleet

4.5 Develop an EV charging plan for Boroondara to support uptake of EV use in Boroondara particularly for:

  • residents unable to access off street parking
  • residents in multi-unit development
  • visitors to activity centres.
  • Include e-bike and mobility scooter charging
  • Boroondara BUG cautions against the provision of kerbside EV charging that privatises public space and encourages more on-street car parking and prevents the construction of active transport infrastructure including separated bike lanes and walking paths.

4.6 Complete feasibility study on connecting the off-road cycling network through new

links (on and off road) including improved crossing facilities on main and local roads  (e.g. Box Hill to Hawthorn Trail, Back Creek Bridge investigation and design).

  • BBUG strongly supports this initiative. Complete design work in progress for Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail by mid 2024.
  • Completion of design work for new off-road cycling routes is necessary to apply for federal grants (e.g. Thriving Suburbs Program).

4.7. Release a bicycle strategy to set a framework to advance the cycling infrastructure and 

mode share in the Boroondara over the next 10 years.

  • There is no planned solution for students to ride safely to school in the northern region of Boroondara following removal of the Glass Creek Trail from the 2022 Bicycle Strategy. (Kew High, Balwyn High, Balwyn North Primary, Greythorn Primary)
  • Students riding a bike to school will significantly reduce car trips for school drop offs and pickups.
  • Provide safe cycling and walking routes to access all schools in Boroondara.
  • Provide separation between cyclists and pedestrians where possible.

4.8 Develop a policy position about EV and e-bike charging infrastructure in all Council,

State and Federal projects in Boroondara.

  • BBUG strongly supports this initiative.

4.9 Review Council’s Car Share Policy and Procedures to identify options to support

take up of EV and low emission vehicles by the Boroondara community.

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