Bike Advocacy Hawthorn electorate Submission

Auburn Road crossing submission

Boroondara BUG has made this submission supporting to the public engagement on a proposal for a new pedestrian crossing on Auburn Road just south of the railway overpass.

Boroondara BUG overall supports the proposed pedestrian crossing on Auburn Road.
The current layout of Auburn Road is incongruous with its status as a shopping strip with a high place value.
Over three-quarters of the road space (13.8 metres) is allocated for use by cars.

Figure 1 – Current Auburn Road Layout at Allen Street
Figure 1 – Current Auburn Road Layout at Allen Street

The proposed signalised pedestrian crossing will be a welcome improvement to these hostile conditions. The wider footpaths in particular will be of great assistance to people wanting to cross Auburn Road.

However, there are other opportunities that can be integrated or at least future-proofed through some design changes.

In effect, the proposed kerb extensions in the current proposal should be extended:

  • On the west side, south to Queens Avenue; and
  • On the east side, north to Victoria Road.

This would allow space for street planting and furniture and a shared path or bidirectional bicycle lane to safely connect Queens Avenue and Victoria Road

Figure 2 – Proposed Auburn Road Layout at Allen Street
Figure 2 – Proposed Auburn Road Layout at Allen Street

While it is likely and preferable that the proposed Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail run along the railway easement corridor (either elevated or along the right of way between the rear of the Queens Avenue buildings and the railway) lack of funding from the State Government is preventing this being constructed.
In the meantime, an important connection can be made to cater for existing and latent demand for local cycling in the area while also improving Auburn Road as an attractive place to visit and making it safer for pedestrians.


In summary, Boroondara BUG: 

  1. Supports the project in principle;
  2. Supports the design elements of:
    1. A raised threshold
    2. Footpath extensions
    3. Removal of on-street car parking;
  3. Proposes that the following changes be made to the design:
    1. Inclusion of puffin detectors to cater for people who take longer to cross 
    2. Inclusion of bicycle lanterns to allow people with bikes to legally and safely use the crossing
    3. Extension of proposed kerb extensions on the east side of Auburn Road between the new crossing and Victoria Road, and on the west side of Auburn Road between the new crossing and Queens Avenue
    4. Inclusion of bidirectional bicycle lanes and widened footpaths with street improvements within the proposed kerb extensions

[PDF version of submission]

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