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BLACKSPOT: Toorak Road underpass on Gardiners Creek Trail

Regular flooding events deposit a thick layer of slippery silt and mud on the Gardiners Creek Trail path where it goes under Toorak Road.

This is extremely dangerous for bike riders and pedestrians. Serious crashes have occurred here due to the slippery mud on the path and poor visibility on the approaches.

Gardiners Creek Trail is one the busiest Strategic Cycling Corridors in Victoria.

Boroondara Council clears and cleans the path but this often occurs after the path is obstructed for several days.

Thousands have also been spent continuing to clear the “sand bar” alongside the path.

Boroondara BUG requests that a floodwall be constructed next the path to stop this happening.

Flood walls are in use along several paths elsewhere including Moonee Ponds Creek, the Patterson River in Mordialloc and Skeleton Creek.

So far Melbourne Water has refused to to do this. There continues to be risk of serious injury of death here until an effective permanent solution is constructed.

These photos illustrate the hazards caused by mud, poor lighting and vegetation.

Mordialloc Creek pedestrian underpass
Mordialloc Creek pedestrian underpass

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