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Walmer St Bridge closure

Do you use the Walmer Street Bridge in Kew to cross the Yarra River? Construction works to replace the northern land bridge section of the bridge are expected to begin from mid-August 2022 (depending on weather).

During construction, the Walmer Street Bridge will close in full for around 8 months. We encourage cyclists and pedestrians who regularly use the bridge to consider alternative routes or modes of transport during this time.

Visit the Walmer Street Bridge construction page for more information.

Here, you can plan ahead by viewing detour maps, learn about the project, and ‘Follow’ the page to receive email updates on construction.

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Do you qualify for a footpath riding exemption?

One of BBUG’s members recently obtained an exemption and this is what they learned…

The road rules say:

Rule 250(1A)(b) amended by S.R. No. 96/2019 rule 11(5).

(b) the rider of the bicycle is 13 years old or older and—

(i) has a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner; and

(ii) the certificate states that the rider has a disability or medical condition which makes it undesirable, impracticable or inexpedient for the rider to ride on the road; and

(iii) the rider is complying with the conditions (if any) stated on the certificate; and

(iv) if the disability or medical condition is of a temporary nature, the certificate contains an expiry date and has not expired; and

(v) the rider is carrying the certificate; and

(vi) the rider produces the certificate when requested to do so by a police officer or authorised person;…/rsrr2017208/s250.html

Road Rule 250 1A(b) provides for a medical exemption for footpath riding issued by a registered medical practitioner on the basis of Disability or Medical Condition and worded as set out in the rules.

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Congratulations City of Yarra!

Congratulations to the City of Yarra for showing commitment to deliver safe walking and cycling infrastructure including a commitment to deliver more safe speed 30kmh zones.

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A woman who rides to Hawthorn

Listen to Ruth Jelley as she describes her ride on her ebike from Northcote to Swinburne University, Hawthorn. She presented this slide deck to the Boroondara Council when they voted on the Boroondara Bike Strategy. Thanks for sharing Ruth!

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Have your say about Gardiners Creek Trail in Boroondara…

Are there improvements that you would like to see along the Gardiners Creek Trail in Boroondara?

You can have your say by participating as part of the Draft Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Masterplan public consultation via the link below.

Consultation is open until 28 June 2022.

Complete the survey above or join one of the drop-in sessions:

  • Wednesday 15 June from 12 to 3pm at Dorothy Laver Reserve West, Ashburton (near the pond/discovery island).
  • Thursday 23 June from 2pm to 5pm at Nettleton Park, Glen Iris (near the playground).
  • Saturday 25 June from 10am to 1pm at Patterson Reserve, Hawthorn.

There will also be an opportunity to present your online feedback in-person for consideration of Councillors at a future Services Special Committee (Council Chamber, 8 Inglesby Road Camberwell).

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Congratulations to Dr Monique Ryan (Kooyong) and Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah – Labor for Higgins on their election as MP’s for Kooyong and Higgins.

We look forward to them representing our community in federal parliament, and collaborating with the City of Boroondara to address climate change, particularly carbon emissions from transport via delivery of safe and connected cycling infrastructure.

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Dr Ryan has committed to securing funding for the Box Hill to Hawthorn

Boroondara BUG, Whitehorse Active Transport Advocacy Group, Metro East BUG and Rides Electric commend Dr Monique Ryan for her call on the Morrison government to commit to fund the Box Hill to Hawthorn cycling and walking path.

Dr Ryan has committed to securing funding for the Box Hill to Hawthorn shared path as one of her priorities if she is elected, and to work with Boroondara Council, the Victorian government and the Kooyong community to get it built.

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$8 Million investment in Anniversary Trail bridge over Toorak Road

Great news for #cyclists, walkers, commuters, and families who use Boroondara’s famous #AnniversaryTrail.

An elected Liberal Victoria State Government will allocate $8 million to build the missing link on the Anniversary Trail above Toorak Road in Glen Iris/Camberwell.

This new bridge crossing and ramps will separate the Anniversary Trail from Toorak Road and improve safety for all users.

A Liberal State Government says they will work closely with the City of Boroondara, locals, #cyclists and other trail users to get the design and construction process right.

Nearby residents can reach out to if you have any feedback on the design and any improvements we can make.

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RACV urging get on bikes

When the car lobby call for federal funding of cycling infrastructure, let’s hope they listen, particularly with projects such as the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail.

RACV has joined forces with the AAA and is urging the Federal Government to get on their bikes and fund cycling infrastructure to encourage further take-up of cycling.

Bicycle sales hit 1.7 million last year, after hovering around the 1.1-1.2 million mark for the previous decade, as people looked for an exercise activity and commuting option that complied with social distancing.

Read more about it on

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Safer cycling connection from Scotchmans Creek Trail to Djerring Trail

Have your say on a proposal to connect the two trails via Atkinson Street, Oakleigh.

Gardiners Creek Trail connects with the Scotchmans Creek trail at the very south of Boroondara. If you’d like to find out more about the proposed safe cycling link south to the Djerring Trail (Skyrail trail) in Oakleigh visit the City of Monash website:…