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Anniversary Trail consultation: connectivity at Toorak Road

The Department of Transport (DoT) has just opened online consultation on preferred design option to improve the Anniversary Trail at Toorak Road.

Boroondara BUG supports Boroondara Council’s recommendation arising from previous community consultation for a bridge to be constructed for the shared path over Toorak Road. This is Option 4 in the DoT survey.

You can submit your feedback here.

Feedback closes 28 Oct 2022.

DoT Option 4 – Bridge for the Anniversary Trail shared path over Toorak Road

The Anniversary Trail is a popular bike and pedestrian route in Boroondara that follows route of the old Outer Circle Railway and forms part of the Kew to Highett Strategic Cycling Corridor.

Anniversary Trail near High St Ashburton
Anniversary Trail north of High St Ashburton

A bridge for the shared path over Toorak Road is the only option that provides a safe, accessible and convenient crossing for bike riders and pedestrians. When constructed this bridge will:

  • Eliminate disruption by shared path users to traffic flows on Toorak Road.
  • Remove the steep difficult approach to Toorak Road
  • Avoid the need to travel through car parks on the north and south sides of Toorak Road.

Boroondara Council has previously completed extensive community consultation for solutions for this bicycle black spot and recommended a bridge be constructed for the shared path over Toorak Road.

A conceptual design has been completed by council that addresses issues and concerns raised by some local residents.

Options 1 to 3

The Option 1 route is not safe for cyclists due to steep gradients and proximity to traffic.

The Option 2 and 3 routes have a steep gradients for cyclists and new signalised crossings that would further disrupt traffic on Toorak Road.

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2 replies on “Anniversary Trail consultation: connectivity at Toorak Road”

Option 3 seems like the best of all: a great initiative that will, without any doubt remove the very dangerous bad potentially fatal Toorak rd crossing

Correction to my previous post: option 4 NOT OPTION 3 is the only one possible in fact the only sensible choice of the 4,

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