Gardiners Creek Trail

Markham Reserve Lighting Upgrades Jan 2023

Boroondara Council has advised that the replacement lighting works will occur along the Eastern Section of Markham Reserve on the Gardiners Creek Trail.

The works are expected to commence on Monday 23rd January 2023 and will be completed within one week, weather permitting. Work will be completed within the hours of 7.00am to 4.00pm.

As part of the Solar Lights Installation Program, Council will carry out the replacement of 8 solar lights along a section of the shared path (Eastern Location) within Markham Reserve, Ashburton. This will replace existing lights along the shared path.

Five of the lights are no longer working. Due to their age and condition, the remaining three lights would likely require replacement in the short term also. The full light structure will be replaced, including new footings, poles, solar lights and panels.

To ensure the works are completed in the safest manner and in the least possible time, it will be necessary to restrict access to parts of the shared path throughout construction.

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