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Ferndale Park pavilion renewal impact on cycling

Cyclists passing Ferndale Park Pavilion
Cyclists passing Ferndale Park Pavilion

Boroondara Council has [this consultation] open on the proposed Ferndale Park pavilion renewal, a $4 million dollar project.

Note that feedback closes on 10 March 2023.

We are concerned that the proposal does not consider significant impacts on cycling.

The trail between the existing pavilion and the Scout Hall:

  • is used by many local cyclists of all ages and abilities (up to 200 per day) and walkers
  • is shown on the Boroondara Travel Smart MapGoogle maps and OpenStreetMap as a cycling route
  • is in the 2022 Boroondara Bicycle Strategy – the link between Ferndale trail and Back Creek Reserve.
  • provides connections to the Ferndale Trail, Wallis Avenue and Back Creek Reserve
  • provides direct access to the sports oval area

The proposal illustrations show a large wall with a staircase on it that will block sight lines to the oval and surrounds from the northern path. The wall will extend very close the entrance of the Scout Hall and form a serious constriction point on the path.

Ferndale Park Pavilion upgrade drawing
Ferndale Park Pavilion upgrade drawing

The drawing of the “entry piazza” between the pavilion and the scout hall is from the perspective of an observer actually standing in the middle of the scout hall, the footprint of which is shaded grey. This gives a false impression of the space available in this area – it will be very constrained.

The tree shown planted in the path next would obstruct cyclists.

Ferndale Park Pavilion upgrade floor plan
Ferndale Park Pavilion upgrade floor plan

The access ramp to the pavilion is shown but the trail to the north is not.  Note the choke point near the Scout Hall entrance. 

You can see more photos of the location here.

If you have time, please provide your feedback to council before 10 March.